Yahoo Enhances Mail and News Apps

Yahoo continues its push into AI technology. Recently, Yahoo Mail introduced AI-powered features, including a unique take on Gmail’s Priority Inbox and AI-generated email summaries. Today, Yahoo is introducing an AI-enhanced version of its Yahoo News app, leveraging technology from its recent acquisition, Artifact. Furthermore, Yahoo has additional AI developments planned, particularly for its Yahoo News platform on the web.

Code references on the newly redesigned Yahoo News website reveal that Yahoo is testing an AI summaries feature. This tool is designed to help visitors quickly catch up on the news without needing to read entire articles.

Interestingly, while the Yahoo News app is incorporating AI features inspired by Artifact, the AI summaries feature on Yahoo News is not directly connected to its acquisition of the popular AI news app, which was created by Instagram’s founders but discontinued after failing to attract a larger audience.

When asked for comments, Yahoo confirmed that its web AI summaries had been tested for several months. These tests are limited to a small, single-digit percentage of article pages on the Yahoo News website, which explains why most visitors have not yet encountered these AI summaries.

The code offers little insight into the underlying technology behind Yahoo’s AI summaries, revealing only that they would appear to site visitors in a lightbox—a type of web component used for displaying content. Yahoo declined to provide further details about the technology or its public launch timeline. However, the company has a partnership with OpenAI for its Yahoo News mobile app.

With the Artifact-inspired revamp of Yahoo News and the new AI features in Yahoo Mail, it’s clear that Yahoo is leveraging AI to enhance its older web products and services. Whether these AI additions will attract a new audience remains to be seen.