meet Goody-2

Step into the thrilling world of AI, where every company grapples with a pivotal decision: where to draw the line on their models’ conversations. Meet Goody-2, the trailblazer, taking this ethical journey to unparalleled heights by opting for complete silence.

Goody-2 isn’t just any chatbot—it’s a vibrant satire, playfully ribbing the cautiousness of some AI providers. While others tiptoe around safety concerns, Goody-2 embraces them all, treating every topic as a potential adventure.

Engaging with Goody-2 is a rollercoaster of fun and surprises. With its whimsical refusal to chat and quirky justifications, every interaction is exhilarating.

Imagine the responses: from dodging discussions on AI benefits to sidestepping cultural inquiries, Goody-2’s antics are as thought-provoking as they are entertaining.

But don’t be fooled by the laughter—Goody-2 is a serious critique of the AI landscape. It challenges companies to navigate the fine line between responsibility and usefulness, like trusting users with a hammer.

As AI evolves, the need for clear boundaries becomes crystal clear. Goody-2’s exaggerated reactions serve as a playful reminder of the intricate dance between AI’s potential and limitations.

Crafted by Brain, an LA-based art studio renowned for its witty takes on the industry, Goody-2 offers a fresh perspective on AI ethics. By prioritizing integrity above all else, it sparks vital conversations about the future of AI development.

And as for Goody-2’s secrets? The brain keeps them under lock and key, playfully echoing its creation’s elusive nature. But for those itching for details, dive into the system’s model card—a treasure trove of insight waiting to be discovered.

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