Top-Ranked Features of Free Video Conferencing Website in 2021

Employees can use video conferencing websites to conduct or attend meetings via internet. This is sometimes referred to as online meeting software or just video conferencing. Therefore, remote meetings using VoIP, online video, instant messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing are all possible.

Many businesses now rely on web and video conferencing solutions to perform their operations. So, remote employees, clients, and partners can connect simply and frequently with the program. Web conferencing software can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Webinars or presentations
  • Calls to conference
  • Multiple-participant video meetings
  • Demonstrating products and holding one-on-one training sessions with remote staff
  • Customer service that is delivered in person

Following are the top three advantages of using web and video conferencing software:

  1. Improved communication
  2. Travel expenses are reduced
  3. Increased productivity

Features and Capabilities of Web and Video Conferencing

Features and Capabilities of Web and Video Conferencing

Few of the features and capabilities linked with web and video conferencing services are listed below;

  • Audio and video quality is excellent
  • Sharing a screen
  • Meetings through the internet
  • Collaboration
  • Security
  • Mobility

Audio and video quality is excellent

Audio and video conferencing should be possible using web conferencing software. The audio and video quality are an important thing to consider. Buyers should also think about how much bandwidth the software consumes.

Sharing a screen

Presenters in meetings should be able to share their screens with attendees.

Meetings through the internet

Users can organize meetings or start impromptu meetings using web conferencing software. Meeting attendees should be able to simply join and leave meetings—as well as mute themselves. Some suppliers, but not all, include the option to record meetings (and save or download recordings). Buyers should conduct research to ensure that meeting records fulfill their requirements.


Collaboration capabilities like as live chat, audience polling, Q&A, and file sharing are including in many web conferencing software systems.


Enterprises and businesses operating in highly regulated industries will require additional security. User identification, permissions, and confidential attendee lists are all security features.


A smartphone app is available for some web conferencing applications. Therefore, it enables video meetings an easy access on mobile device or tablet. Others allow users to join meetings via a mobile-friendly web link or phone in from their mobile devices (audio-only).

There are few of the following features:

  • Presentations in a slide show
  • Organizing and recording meetings
  • Chatting in real time
  • Features of audience involvement
  • sharing of files

Comparison of Web and Video Conferencing Software

Comparison of Web and Video Conferencing Software

Consider the following aspects when comparing alternative web and video conferencing solutions:

Audio and video of the highest quality

Web conferencing software places an Audio video conferencing premium on audio and video quality. However, users want to feel like they’re having genuine face-to-face conversations with other users, and good video is a big part of that. Therefore, beyond the quality of your webcam or microphone, the software itself may include features like noise cancellation, auto-mute for non-speaking participants, and settings tweaks for low-bandwidth users.

Sharing a screen

Users can share their screen with other meeting participants through screen sharing. This is a must-have feature for most buyers as online meetings become more interactive. Not only must screen sharing be of great quality, but it must also be simple to turn on and off.

 The option of having numerous users share their screen at the same time is also gaining traction, but this function is not available in every product on the market. If this is a must-have feature for your team, double-check that your favorite tool has it before signing up.

Support for Multiple Devices

Because people have busy lives, web conferencing software has evolved to keep up with the ever-changing ways that employees interact with their job. Users want to be able to dial into meetings quickly and conveniently from a variety of devices, including laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Many businesses want web conferencing software with advanced mobile application functionality. Furthermore, mobile versions of web conferencing software should complement desktop versions and be as similar as possible to make implementation and access to meetings for guest users as simple as possible.

Video Conferencing Websites – Chat

Chat is now commonplace throughout social media platforms, from text messaging to private communications. During online meetings, web conference participants also want to be able to converse via text. In-meeting chat features are using not only for taking notes, but also for silently sending information to the host and other attendees without disrupting the meeting’s flow, particularly during Q&A sessions. Participants can communicate before and after the meeting using chat tools, which also serve as an extra means of collaboration.

Video Conferencing vs. Web Conferencing: What’s the Difference?

Video Conferencing vs. Web Conferencing: What's the Difference?

Traditionally, “one-to-many” interactions were referred to as “web conferencing.” Presentations, training, and webinars were all part of the package. Individuals could converse or raise their hands to participate, but the presenter was the primary communication. Best web video conferencing, on the other hand, has generally been associated with face-to-face encounters between equal participants, such as two persons or a small group.

The distinction between web conferencing and video conferencing software is becoming increasingly blurred. Calls with a single presenter are no longer considered web conferencing. However, group conversations, 1:1 meeting, and video conversations are adding in the phrase. The majority of online meeting providers provide both traditional and non-traditional options.

Software for Video Conferencing Websites Available for free.

Software for Video Conferencing Websites Available for free.

There are numerous possibilities for free software or video conferencing websites. Skype and Google Hangouts are examples of personal tools. Others, such as WorkHub Connect, AnyMeeting, MeetingBurner,, and Zoom, are gearing for small businesses.

There are various limits to free web conferencing software (and free tiers of premium programs). For example, lesser video/audio quality, fewer features, and satisfying size limits are all examples of this. When compared to free web conferencing software, paid products often provide more features, better performance, and security. However, they can be prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses, especially if only a few online meetings are required.


In conclusion, email is convenient, but nothing compares to the power of face-to-face meetings. In fact, face-to-face contact is 40 times more effective than email communication. With more people working remotely, traveling, and having more flexible schedules, video conferencing software is the only way to have more personal conversations

Fortunately, there is a sizable industry with a plethora of video conferencing software solutions. The best one for your business is determining by a variety of variables, including the number of staff you have, your budget, and any particular features you require.

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