If you’re looking for the top employee management software and HR solutions in 2021 for your company, you’ve arrived at the right place

In this article, we’ve gathered the best software solutions and compiled our top recommendations for which software to use.

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What is an Employee Management Software?

An employee management software is designed to make it easier for you and your company to manage administrative tasks.

Typical employee management software centralizes an employee’s work-related and other vital personal data on a single platform.

Below, we’ll go over the features and factors to consider while selecting an employee management platform. These are the same criteria that guided our selection of the finest workforce management software.

Top Employee Management Software in 2021

Here are the top employee management software solutions to consider in 2021.

1- WorkHub

WorkHub, as the name implies, is a central location for some of the most important office collaboration and management applications available today.

The purpose of this platform is to serve as a hub for all corporate operations and workflow improvement initiatives. In this new normal business situation, WorkHub also strives to be a lighthouse of virtual communication and cooperation.

WorkHub serves as a consolidated hub for all necessary business operations and workflow optimization tasks.

The platform with employee management software is also accessible to businesses of all sizes, thanks to its comprehensive suite of workforce management tools. These apps handle important management topics such as,

  • Video Conferencing Services
  • Helpdesk Ticketing System
  • Meeting Calendars
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Employee Rewards
  • Employee Timeline

2- OnPay

OnPay is a payroll administration platform for human resources. This platform is used by small and medium-sized enterprises all over the United States, facilitating all facets of the payroll preparation process.

You can use Onpay to automatically calculate salaries and benefits, as well as file taxes. It also has built-in payment processing capabilities, allowing you to send out salaries to staff without having to leave the office.

Automated new hire reports and document management are among the other OnPay capabilities. You may collect crucial information on your employees as soon as they begin working for your firm using OnPay.

More so, employees may view their pay stubs and W-2 forms even if they are no longer employed by you, thanks to the platform’s unique lifetime accounts. If you want to learn more about this system, you can try out its features before enrolling.

3- Rippling

Rippling is an all-in-one employee management software that helps with onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration, among other HR activities.

Rippling automates these processes, allowing HR and compensation teams to focus on value-added HR operations rather than mundane, time-consuming procedures.

Employee data is always up to date because of the software’s smooth integration with numerous third-party solutions. These features are handy for keeping payroll and benefits information up to date for employees.

One of the most significant advantages is the ability to accomplish a wide range of HR tasks using only one platform. Setting up payroll, health insurance, 401k, gadgets, and business apps for recruits takes about 90 seconds with the program.

Thanks to automated workflows, approval processes are also speedier.

4- When I Work

When I Work is a time clock and employee scheduling software that allows you to keep track of employee attendance and working hours.

Apart from allowing employees to clock in and out, the software also assists firms in organizing employee schedules and streamlining payroll procedures.

Users can clock in and out using their mobile devices thanks to the software, which converts any device into a fully integrated time clock.

The software automatically syncs attendance data, allowing managers to keep track of their employees’ working hours at all times. Managers can also approve digital timesheets and overtime demands.

When I Work’s advantages also include the app’s capacity to manage employee schedules. Managers can save time and effort by using the software’s schedule templates and auto-scheduling tools.

In addition, When I Work is also scalable, allowing customers to swiftly arrange shifts for several teams across several job sites.

5- Reviewsnap

Reviewsnap is web-based performance management and HR assessment system that improves and streamlines activities like performance evaluations, employee management, goal-setting, and reporting.

It includes user-friendly and versatile capabilities to assist you and your staff acquire a comprehensive perspective of their performance, making it ideal for small to medium organizations.

More so, it also has e-signatures, automated reminders, and email notifications, as well as archiving capabilities that can be accessed from any device.

All of these Reviewsnap capabilities are accessible through a clean and straightforward user interface.

Additionally, the software provides you with customizable review templates and personalized goal management modules.

6- Workbright

WorkBright is an onboarding software that collects and consolidates newly hired employees’ HR data, making it smoother, and secure to ensure that all relevant paperwork is filled out and filed.

WorkBright accommodates all conventional government forms and permits the construction of custom office forms to correctly preserve documents. These forms can be completed remotely by new workers by logging in and signing from their mobile devices.

WorkBright assists in document management and detects employees who have incomplete or outdated paperwork.

It can notify employees to submit updated information after an evaluation, and it can generate automated reports to keep HR and management up to date on the status of documents.

The convenience of providing digital copies of IDs and certifications is one of WorkBright’s most noticeable features. Users can simply take a shot with their phone camera and submit it into the app. WorkBright can scan and transcribe photographs to get data from them.

7- Homebase

Homebase is a cost-effective HR platform that incorporates staff scheduling, time clock, and hiring tools into a single platform.

It aids hiring teams, managers, and employees at every stage of the employment lifecycle, including onboarding, time tracking, and team communication.

More so, It has a schedule builder, time clocks, and job postings to help you manage your employees and HR activities more efficiently.

You get a complete perspective of all the critical components of your management, such as staff information, scheduled events, shift notes, and more, on one simple, easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Additionally, you can also use the time tracking tool to keep track of employee hours and combine timesheet data with payroll software like Gusto or Square Payroll.


You will be able to quickly choose between several employee management software if you define your wants and expectations from any tool.

However, if you ask us, we will recommend you WorkHub. Because of its adaptability and comprehensive app bundles, it stands out among the rest.

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