Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorkHub Tasks? chevron_right

WorkHub Tasks is an affordable ticketing system for task management and steadfast customer support. It manages task management and customer support through ticket creation; it keeps track of customer queries and issues to resolve promptly. 

What makes WorkHub Tasks better than other Ticketing Systems? chevron_right

WorkHub Tasks has all the features that a customer can expect in a world-class ticketing system. It offers all advanced features at a fraction of competitors’ prices. Customers won’t find a more feature-rich ticketing system near the price of WorkHub Tasks.

How WorkHub Tasks helps organizations? chevron_right

WorkHub Tasks automates the issue resolution workflow, eliminating manual work. Its advanced knowledge base promotes self-service and improves efficiency for superior customer support and task management.

Is WorkHub Tasks installed on organizations' computer servers? chevron_right

WorkHub Tasks is Saas based solution; it does not need to be installed on computer servers. It can be accessed from anywhere using the internet. It does not require specialized software, an authorized user can access WorkHub Tasks from a browser.

How to compare the price of WorkHub Tasks? chevron_right

WorkHub Tasks is the most affordable ticketing system available in the market. It offers multiple pricing plans for different numbers of agents, for more information visit our pricing page here

How are tickets created in WorkHub Tasks? chevron_right

WorkHub Tasks creates tickets via forms, emails, and chat messages. It also can collect tickets from the website using the widget. Moreover, you can also manually create new tickets in the dashboard.

Why Is WorkHub Tasks Important for a business? chevron_right

WorkHub Tasks is vital for boosting customer relationship management (CRM). It solves customer problems using minimal human resources; it can handle tickets, address technical issues, and automate repetitive jobs. WorkHub Task offers an efficient way to provide customer support to any business. 

How can a user prioritize the requests of their customers? chevron_right

One of the essential features of WorkHub Tasks is prioritizing customer requests. Most companies prefer to attend to some customers on priority; WorkHub Tasks provides flexibility to prioritize customers’ requests. 

How can a business integrate WorkHub Tasks with its system? chevron_right

WorkHub Tasks provide an easy integration facility with plenty of software. Any organization can easily integrate WorkHub Tasks with their system for optimal productivity and efficiency. 

How secure is WorkHub Tasks? chevron_right

WorkHub Task is a highly secured ticketing system; it follows strict standards and advanced security features to protect data and only allows access to authorized users.