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Product Feature Categories

Improved Efficiency

WorkHub Task improves operational efficiency. It saves time and reduces efforts to manage repetitive tasks. WorkHub Tasks helps businesses to smoothly and effortlessly run their task management and customer support with minimal use of the human resource

WorkHub Tasks provides businesses with a solution that defines how the tickets will be received, assigned, and solved systematically. It empowers employees to execute operations efficiently

Automatically generated tickets assign work responsibilities to employees responsible for task management or customer support

WorkHub Tasks provides excellent internal collaboration to resolve customer issues fastly; team members can seek the expertise of other team members if required

Support Automation

WorkHub Tasks reduces the burden and cost of task management and customer support. It manages many small repetitive tasks and reduces human efforts.

WorkHub Task empowers the customer to solve their issues with the system’s help and without human involvement. Its information-rich content guides the customer to solve their repetitive problems.

Communication centralization helps employees provide fast service delivery. Customer queries in WorkHub Tasks are stored in a centralized mailbox, saving customer queries to move through different departments.

WorkHub Tasks enables employees to respond quickly using prepared and saved responses. Saved messages and auto-reply can be sent automatically on specific actions or triggers.

Boosted Productivity

Implementing many of the automation features WorkHub Tasks allows employees to get the job done faster and more efficiently. Instead of sorting through information to see which tickets are the most important, WorhHub prioritizes them for you.

WorkHub Tasks helps employees to work without snags and problems. Implementing many of the automation features WorkHub Tasks allows employees to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

WorkHub Tasks helps employees to resolve customer issues fastly. It ensures that no query goes unnoticed. Automatic notifications highlight if some question needs to be addressed timely.

Automic responders and knowledge base can help if a customer wants to get customer support 24/7.

Comprehensive Reporting

WorkHub Tasks provides a comprehensive reporting of all tasks. It helps measure the performance of employees and departments, which helps to improve employees’ productivity. Its analysis and reporting engine generates charts and reports to monitor progress and performance.  

Comprehensive reporting of WorkHub Tasks enhances communication between team members related to feedback, performances, and goal achievements which help to define and achieve mutual goals.

WorkHub Tasks helps businesses provide seamless customer experiences by improving customer support. Customers are met with service consistency wherever or however they contact the company.

WorkHub Tasks keeps track of how tickets are handled and by whom. Employees know that their names will be attached to tickets from start to finish and are sure to feel greater ownership over their contributions. 

Product Feature Categories