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eKomi is a completely-managed feedback solution company that helps you leverage your authentic reviews to help you expand your business

ekomi and workhub tasks

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Since 2022


WorkHub Tasks

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B2B SaaS Businesses

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eKomi, for the benefit of its customers, has efficient and sufficiently-large ‘Customer Feedback Management’ teams that individually screen each and every review gathered around the clock.


  • Expensive subscriptions for support systems can be a difficult burden on businesses, as they can add up quickly and become a large recurring expense over time.
  • Using multiple tools for different tasks, such as Zendesk, Intercom, etc., can be overwhelming and inefficient. To streamline processes, it’s best to use a platform that enables you to consolidate different tools.
  • Hard-to-track tickets and excessive time spent on first-level support result in inefficiencies and frustrated customers. Improved ticket management and support processes are needed to resolve issues quickly and effectively.


  • Our operational costs were drastically lowered after we integrated WorkHub Tasks into our workflow. We’ve seen a reduction of over 70% in our expenses!
  • Thanks to WorkHub Tasks, automation of assignments enabled us to reduce our manpower efforts by 1/4th, as manual efforts for first-level support are no longer required.
  • SLAs and Escalation management ensured that no tickets were left unserved, allowing customers to receive efficient service in a timely manner.


  • Using a tool that eliminates the need to use different tools, which will subsequently help avoid too many (and expensive) subscriptions.
  • Again, a single platform that offers multiple functionalities can be used to avoid using different tools for different purposes, such as Zendesk, Telecom, etc.
  • Using a platform that efficiently automates repetitive tasks and also comes with a robust ticket tracking system as well as a ticket prioritization system.

Key Features


Utilizing WorkHub Tasks, businesses can organize and prioritize client tickets based on complexity, importance, and other factors to help them be resolved quickly.

Ticket generation

You can have tickets created using forms on your website using tasks. Tickets can also be created from emails, chat messages, and even from the website via widgets.

Analytics by Email

Users have access to statistical data through email that shows the number of new tickets that have been created, assigned, resolved, pending, and closed over a specific time.

File Sharing on Tickets

Need to send a customer ticket a crucial file? Tasks allow you to share and attach files to tickets, giving agents access to more particular information regarding individual tickets.

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