Scheduling Software For Employee to Improve Meeting Availability

WorkHub Scheduling software for employees enables them to schedule and always show up in every type of meetings from daily scrum to client demonstration appointments too

Tools & Options That Make a Difference

Scheduling software for employees to make booked appointments worthwhile

Video Call Link with Each Booking

Scheduling lets you add a relevant video call link for every respective booking. You can also add external meeting attendees in the video calls, which explains how much WorkHub is helpful to its users

Syncing with other Calendars

You cannot miss your scheduled meetings using WorkHub Scheduling. It comes with the ability to sync your calendars with and from other third-party calendars such as Google calendars

Agenda Viewer for the Day

Scheduling lets you view booked appointments for a day, week, or month with all the relevant information to help you prepare better. Descriptions are also available, which is accessible by particular members of that appointment

Option to Reschedule or Cancel

Have an appointment canceled or rescheduled if you’re not available at the scheduled time. The changes made by the host are shared with the attendees, so there remains no miscommunication!

Empower your Employees to Better Scheduling

Scheduling software for employees with empowering features to make their meetings beneficial

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