Smart Automated Appointment Reminders with WorkHub Scheduling

Send instant notifications to clients about booking and other meeting details on different channels with WorkHub Scheduling

Personalization For Scheduled Meetings

Now get your appointments booked with customized features

Personalized Reminders & Notification via Email and SMS

Get automated appointment reminders before your scheduled appointments starts through both email and SMS. Not only that, but Workhub Scheduling also lets you automatically request feedback after a specified time for a meeting

Flexible Duration of Slots on Your Calendar

Scheduling not only lets you have meetings scheduled at your accessible time, but it also empowers you to flexibly define the maximum time you’ll be available for each booked appointment

Option to Choose the Number of Days for Booking in Advance

Besides coming with the ability of sending automated appointment reminders, Scheduling comes with an ability that allows you to define the maximum date up to which an appointment can be booked for either personal or group availability

Automated Appointment Reminders with Personalization Facilities

Get a meeting scheduled with different personalization options and automated reminders

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