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A Scheduling software made for teams and individuals to affordably and quickly manage their calendars and appointments

Affordable Scheduling Software for Business To Get The Most

Loaded with features to conveniently schedule meetings without going back and forth


WorkHub Scheduling has improved the calendar experience with increased convenience and improved productivity. It gives users complete control of their calendars and personalization

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Personal Availability

Users can create time slots for visible availability. WorkHub Scheduling allows the creation of customized slots for breaks and working hours

Group Availability

Group availability on WorkHub Scheduling has eliminated endless emails and chat requirements for a group appointment

Group Bookings

Group booking allows multiple people to book appointments in the same time slot. Group booking is useful for scheduling classes, group meetings, etc

Embedded Calendar

WorkHub Scheduling allows users to embed calendars in their websites for easy accessibility for customers and other partners

Share the Calendar

Calendar sharing allows teams and customers to coordinate instantly on a single click. Public and group calendars can be embedded on the website


WorkHub scheduling provides the option to create personalized notifications through emails and SMS, users can also create flexible duration of slots

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Personalized Reminders & Notifications

WorkHub Scheduling allows users to send customized notifications and reminders through emails and SMS

Flexible Duration of Slots on Your Calendar

It is possible to create customized time slots, breaks, and working hours according to the user’s convenience

Option to Choose the Number of Days

WorkHub Scheduling facilitates users to choose the number of days for booking in advance. It helps customers and managers to organize a maximum number of meetings

Tools & Options

WorkHub Scheduling provides the option to attach a video link with each booking, also users can reschedule or cancel meetings

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Video Call Link with Each Booking

For the convenience of meeting partners, a link to the video call is also attached to each appointment

Syncing with other Calendars

WorkHub Scheduling also allows users to sync their third-party calendars, so they will not miss any meetings

Agenda Viewer for the Meeting

Users can add the details of the meeting, and also they can mention the point of the meeting. This will help both the parties to be aware of what is to be discussed in the meeting

Option to Reschedule or Cancel

Any person can cancel or reschedule the appointment; in this case, the notification will be sent to other parties

Rescheduling Option

On account of any personal engagement or emergency, users can reschedule their appointment according to their suitable time and convenience


Any party can cancel the appointment; the system will send a notification of cancellation to other people

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