Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed Information About Hassle-Free Appointment Scheduling for Better Coordination with
Colleagues, Customers, and Other Business Partners

What is WorkHub Scheduling? chevron_right

WorkHub Scheduling is an affordable appointment-scheduling software used by professionals and businesses to allow customers, colleagues, and other business partners to check online availability and schedule instant appointments.

How is WorkHub Scheduling different from other software? chevron_right

WorkHub Scheduling is more economical than other appointment-scheduling software. It also allows users to define flexible duration slots on their calendars and prevent individuals from making appointments during breaks or after work hours.

What type of businesses can use WorkHub Scheduling? chevron_right

WorkHub Scheduling is a vital tool for any business for appointment scheduling and reservations. For instance, it is used for medical, dental, recruitment, law firms, tax consulting companies, personal care and other professionals.

Does WorkHub Scheduling facilitate group booking? chevron_right

WorkHub Scheduling offers individual and group booking. Many businesses use WorkHub Scheduling for group sessions, classes, workshops, board meetings and other group events.

How can a business be sure about its data safety? chevron_right

Data safety and security are essential to WorkHub Scheduling. It uses advanced technology to protect business data and ensures its safety and security.

Can users import their event data from other calendars? chevron_right

WorkHub Scheduling enables users to import or sync event data from third-party calendars like Google and Microsoft Outlook. It provides an easy way to manage appointments from a single platform. 

How do users share their calendars with someone? chevron_right

WorkHub Scheduling provides an easy way for improved coordination. Users can create public or group calendars, share URLs, and embed the calendar on the website.

How does WorkHub Scheduling notify about an appointment? chevron_right

WorkHub Scheduling notifies another person about their appointment through email and SMS. It helps to ensure availability and eliminates chances of no-shows or late joining. 

Can a user customize or personalized notifications? chevron_right

By default, WorkHub Scheduling sends standard notifications of the appointment; however, it also provides the option to customize or personalize confirmations, reminders and follow-up notifications. 

Can a user cancel or reschedule appointments? chevron_right

WorkHub Scheduling provides the option to cancel or reschedule the appointment at any time. In this case, a notification will be sent to another person for convenience and to save time.