Quilt is Developing AI Assistants Tailored for Solutions Teams

Solutions professionals—those dynamic individuals encompassing sales engineers, solutions architects, and consultants—are pivotal in showcasing intricate enterprise technology to prospective clients. It’s a mission that fuels innovation and drives business growth. Yet, entrepreneur Dan Chen notes a glaring gap: solutions teams often operate under-resourced and overlooked. 

Chen champions their cause, emphasizing their role in instilling technical credibility and illuminating the value proposition for customers. Recognizing the transformative potential of AI, specifically generative AI, Chen and his associate Michael Graczyk embarked on an exhilarating journey to create Quilt—a platform revolutionizing solutions sales through AI assistants. The convergence of market dynamics and technological advancements in 2022 paved the way for Quilt’s emergence. 

With its AI-powered assistants, Quilt streamlines routine tasks, freeing up invaluable time for solutions teams to forge deeper client relationships and secure more deals. But what sets Quilt apart is its ability to understand context and incorporate engineers’ technical knowledge, ensuring accurate and tailored interactions. 

In a world where every moment counts, Quilt’s AI assistants empower solutions teams to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness, propelling them towards unprecedented success. With unwavering commitment and a visionary outlook, Quilt is poised to redefine the landscape of solutions sales, catalyzing exponential growth and innovation. 

As AI continues to revolutionize sales functions, the potential for Quilt to become the preferred AI partner for solutions teams is undeniable. Through strategic partnerships and relentless dedication, Quilt is poised to take charge of unlocking the true potential of generative AI and transforming the future of solutions sales.

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