AI-Driven Team Communication, Collaboration, Recognition, and Rewards Platform

Smash all communication and collaboration barriers in hybrid work with WorkHub- an AI-powered team success platform

Streamlined Communication

Seamless communication in hybrid work through audio/video, one-to-one/group calls, group/private chat, and call recordings

Enhanced Collaboration

Collaboration on a shared goal through screen sharing, file sharing, and appointment scheduling to get more done

Celebration for Motivation

Impactful and meaningful instant recognition for higher employee satisfaction, retention, and engagement

Personalized Workforce Management Software for your Team

Al-Driven Platform For All Your Team Collaboration Needs

Collaborate on shared dreams with your teams, create a recognition-rich culture, and achieve AI-based team success while working in hybrid workplace settings

  • Work for mutual goals from anywhere at any time
  • Better hybrid working possibilities with AI capabilities
  • Productivity tools at a fraction of the price compared to competitors

Share live insights with your teams & never miss any vital information.

Conveniently manage and assist tasks with your teams.

The power to customize and integrate is in your hands.

WorkHub AI-Driven Team Collaboration Tools for Revolutionized Workplaces

Use WorkHub for achieving ultimate team success in all workplace settings

  • Team Wall
  • 1 Click Audio/Video Call
  • Internal Communications
  • External Communication
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  • AI-Driven Task Management
  • On-Demand Online Support
  • Unattended Online Access
  • Audio and Video Chat Support
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  • Easy Sync With All Calendars
  • Convenient Calendar Shareability
  • Define Availability Hours
  • Reminders & Notifications
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  • Derive Better Results With AI Capabilities
  • Effective Social Recognition
  • AI-Powered Team Success
  • Gamification-Based Extensive Rewards System
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  • Document Management
  • Electronic Signature Generator
  • Tracking Status
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Reach the Ultimate Level of AI-Backed Productivity

COVID-19 has rewritten the rules. We now have a hybrid working model with employees working from their homes and offices. 

WorkHub’s affordable AI-enabled team collaboration tools let you manage, collaborate, and increase business productivity. We’ve built the product to be easy to use from the ground up. Take it for a test spin now. Here’s why:

  • Pocket-Friendly Solution with AI functionality
  • No Special Requirement for Training
  • One-Stop Solution for AI-Empowered Team Success
  • Intuitive User Interface
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