Picsart and Getty Images Partnership

Picsart, a startup specializing in photo editing supported by SoftBank, has unveiled a strategic collaboration with Getty Images to develop a bespoke AI model. This initiative, which was announced recently, is set to democratize AI-driven imagery across Picsart’s extensive user base, which comprises 150 million individuals ranging from creators to marketers and small enterprises.

The innovative model is being constructed from the ground up, drawing exclusively from Getty Images’ vast repository of licensed creative content. This unique partnership is poised to empower Picsart subscribers, allowing them to create and manipulate their own distinct visuals with complete commercial rights. Leveraging Picsart’s comprehensive suite of editing tools, users can seamlessly enhance and customize these assets to suit their specific needs.

The company’s decision to build its proprietary model exclusively on licensed content underscores its commitment to providing a secure environment for AI-powered creative tools. This approach is particularly timely given the mounting concerns surrounding AI-generated images’ authenticity and copyright implications.

Picsart x Getty Demo AI Image
Image Credits: Picsart x Getty Demo AI Image

Picsart’s AI lab, PAIR, is currently developing the model, which will be accessible through the company’s API services.

Picsart CEO and Founder Hovhannes Avoyan said, “Picsart offers endless customization, content, and editing tools for everything from social media ads to website graphics, and this partnership will enable commercially usable AI-generated imagery from a world-class brand. We are thrilled to partner with Getty Images, the most prestigious commercial library out there, to bring this to market.”

Scheduled for launch later this year, Picsart plans to integrate Getty Images’ video content into its platform, which will be exclusively available to Plus members. This collaboration reflects Getty Images’ ongoing efforts in fostering responsible AI imagery, having previously partnered with other startups like Bria and Runway in this field.