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Workhub Tasks, the leading task management solution, is acknowledged by GoodFirms as the best task management software.

GoodFirms is a globally renowned IT Review and Rating Agency that allows B2B firms of all sizes and types to make well-informed decisions. We follow a rigorous and thorough approach to ensure that our platform receives only genuine and verified customer reviews that boost the trustworthiness and reliability of the companies among potential buyers and investors. GoodFirms has bridged the user-business partner gap. The Company offers an extensive collection of thousands of top-performing service providers and tools under one roof. The most significant advantage is that it allows users to make quick, well-informed decisions and find a reliable partner to streamline their operations. 

In recent years, task management, driven by artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies, has gained more traction and prominence. Workhub Tasks is a prominent player focused on building AI-powered teams and hybrid workplaces, emphasizing on improved communication, enhanced collaboration, and employee motivation.

Workhub Tasks is a SaaS-based and cloud-powered application that does not require any installation. Users can access it from anywhere, anytime, over the internet on all popular browsers and devices. The AI-driven task management tool can integrate seamlessly with leading software applications, such as Salesforce, Zendesk,, Sugar CRM, Zoho apps, etc. 

Workhub Tasks also serves as a cost-effective ticketing solution to manage tasks efficiently and quickly solve customer issues. The system generates a ticket as soon as customers approach the support team to get their issues resolved. Customers can also track the real-time status of their queries. The software automates the workflow process, mitigating the manual work to reduce errors and increase productivity. 

Interestingly, users can create tickets using forms, emails, and chat conversations, allowing customers to collect tickets directly from the website via widgets. The tickets come with the auto-filling option, ensuring that customers’ queries get solved quickly. You can set the rules with respect to ticket handling based on open and reply time, define or reassign the tasks and send global team messaging.

In addition to being a top-rated task management tool, Workhub Tasks is also regarded as viable CRM software, a customer engagement platform, and a customer service solution with best-in-class collaboration capabilities. The software allows you to add multiple collaborators and watchers quickly and easily. You can also forward and filter tickets, add notes, review ticket history, etc. 

Customer support agents can record screens and share videos with creators and assignees. As a leading customer experience platform, Workhub Tasks provides an AI-driven customer portal to manage open tickets where users can access all their ticket information from a single place. They can even create their accounts and reset passwords. 

If the customer is not satisfied with the response of the support agent, they can escalate the issue to a higher level to solve it on a priority basis. Also, this efficient internal ticketing system allows managers to track the performance of support teams and gain insights into individual performances. Sharing details about core issues becomes easier as customers can attach files or documents with their tickets.

With email analytics, the latest stats, reports, and detailed information on tickets, work status, etc., the tool allows users to get an in-depth understanding of the customer service operations from a single window. 

A few prominent industry verticals leveraging the benefits of Workhub task management software are IT companies and networking firms having multiple locations, retail and e-commerce businesses providing omnichannel customer experience, transport, and logistics, customer support, and services, 

Workhub Tasks: Pricing Model 

Workhub Tasks offers a monthly subscription-based pricing model to suit every business’s needs and purposes. The model comprises three types of pricing plans based on the number of users using the software. These include the Starter Plan, the Premium Plan, and the Enterprise Plan. 

A maximum of 5 users can use the Starter Plan, whereas 15 users can use the Premium Plan. For the Enterprise Plan, Workhub Tasks has set a limit of up to 50 users. If your organization has over 50 users, you need to contact their sales team for customized pricing. 

The basic features of the software include ticket creation and management, department and team management, managing workflows, visibility rights, extensive stats, files, etc. Plus, it allows customers to customize their brands, get prepared and saved responses, share notifications, and create SLAs and filters. 

Performance Evaluation of Workhub Tasks Software by GoodFirms 

GoodFirms has established its name as a top-rated IT review and rating platform offering highly authentic and verified customer reviews and ratings, which helps businesses collaborate with the right and reliable partner firms. These prestigious ratings become a well-founded ground for our esteemed customers and help to increase their global recognition in the competitive B2B industry. The listed companies can become top industry leaders through a sustainable global remarkable position through persistent quality and integrity. 

GoodFirms has declared Workhub Tasks as the best task management software company after an unbiased, transparent, and in-depth evaluation of the software product. Workhub Tasks has received this rank for offering a robust and extensive range of task management, customer service, CRM, and customer experience solutions. It is a one-stop platform where you can create and manage tickets, get access control and filters, and several other features and benefits. All these functionalities are powered by artificial intelligence. 

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