GoodFirms Accredits BRAVO

BRAVO, the advanced and leading employee engagement solution, is endorsed by GoodFirms as the best employee engagement software and the best survey software. 

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Post-Covid, companies are focusing to amplify employee engagement and establish a harmonious employee-oriented culture. To achieve this, organizations are investing in employee engagement tools that offer wide-ranging benefits and features. One of the popular and viable employee engagement software is BRAVO, an AI-powered platform that specializes in employee rewards and recognition. The tool is custom-built to suit the requirements of Millennials and Gen Z employees.

BRAVO has developed mainly three types of innovative solutions to augment employee engagement and experience. These are; 

  1. BRAVO! Voice 
  2. BRAVO! Peer Feedback 
  3. BRAVO! Focus. 

BRAVO Voice is an AI-based chatbot that allows companies to conduct personalized employee engagement surveys and analyze data intelligently to know the patterns and insights and take necessary measures. The tool also serves as survey software, offering real-time response metrics, customizable forms, the option to schedule employee surveys, and multiple survey times. 

BRAVO Peer Feedback allows employees to give feedback quickly on a peer-to-peer basis, helping companies to improve overall team performance and productivity. They can request feedback individually or select an entire team without facing any time constraints and receive precise feedback. 

BRAVO Focus helps organizations to accomplish their goals of attaining employee engagement through improved motivation, increased efficiency, and job satisfaction. Employees can set the individual goals that they want to accomplish, share their focus with team members, and even set their own task deadlines for the timely competition of work. 

As an AI-powered employee rewards & recognition platform, BRAVO offers  comprehensive, customizable, and insightful payroll and survey reports. Artificial intelligence helps to mitigate all human-related manual tasks for quicker and better recognition. 

With BRAVO, companies can look to boost employee retention based on the survey results, provide timely recognition and acknowledge their contributions to enhance the satisfaction level. 

Employees receive recognition in the form of BRAVO points that can be converted into rewards, based on the organization’s budget. Also, with employees tagging other team members and sharing their goals and focuses, companies can look to derive optimal organizational results. Using the BRAVO gamification, employees can win more points to ascend to the leadership board and gain a top position there. 

BRAVO has included various interesting options, such as extensive rewards. Here employees give reward points to one another, which are all stored within a BRAVO Wallet. Employees can redeem them as internal rewards or as products purchased from exclusive partner brands over 40 countries at full cash value. 

The Pricing Model for BRAVO Software

BRAVO’s pricing model is based on a monthly subscription plan available at cost-effective prices. Users can select any one out of the three pricing plans; Starter, Growth, and Enterprise. Also, BRAVO offers a 15-day free trial period with each of its plans. It allows all users to test and try out the software before purchasing. 

Also, BRAVO provides free software setup to all its users, regardless of the plan they select. 

If we talk about the Starter Plan, it includes essential features, such as complete 360-degree recognition, extensive  North American rewards options, and customized reward options. However, only 10 users can use the Starter plan. 

The Growth Plan includes all the features of the Starter plan with additional functionalities, such as conducting employee engagement surveys and providing analytics and insights. The number of users in the Growth plan is limited to 50 employees. 

The Enterprise Plan permits up to 200 users with one more additional premium feature TV display view, which is not available in the Growth plan. 

Performance Evaluation of BRAVO Software by GoodFirms 

GoodFirms has established its reputation as a top-rated IT B2B review and rating company that offers highly reliable and verified customer reviews for all types and sizes of businesses. Customers trust these ratings to make vital decisions related to choosing the best software vendor or service provider based on their budget estimate and business requirements. The listed companies constitute market leaders and top performers who have earned and sustained a remarkable position globally through persistent quality and integrity.

Following an impartial, transparent, and complete evaluation process, GoodFirms has tagged BRAVO as the best employee engagement software company on its platform. The software vendor offers the best-in-class AI-driven employee recognition and engagement solutions that every millennial and Gen Z employee wishes for. The tool includes focus & goal management, rewards, gamification, surveys, and more. 

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