Migration from Sneek to Workhub Connect

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Get Started with WorkHub Connect

Visit to search and discover Connect from the header to the products tab. This migration process will lead you easy access to WorkHub Connect and start by providing you log-in. For new users, a demo is provided in a video to get familiar with the platform and how to use it.

Contemplating about moving to WorkHub Connect? For a good start search the following topics and headings:

What makes WorkHub Connect Exclusive?

WorkHub Connect offers the best video conferencing solution for businesses of any size. Fully secure, reliable, packed with features, and ridiculously simple to use. High definition video and audio conferencing with multiple active participants, and no meeting or minute restrictions. Advanced moderation controls, including host delegation, meeting lock, participant lobby, and participant permissions, make it exclusive.

Connect Instantly With a Click

With the best video conferencing services, make calls to your team with a single click. Get instant connection with a clear sound.

Stable Communication

Connect builds the most advanced connectivity with colleagues that works like a charm, and stays consistent throughout.

Real Team Experience

See the live headshot view of your colleagues to stay updated with all the activities your team is working on.

Intelligent Team Wall

The purpose of creating “Connect” was to boost team collaboration while working remotely from anywhere. Our top-quality video conferencing services will simplify the process for you by creating live headshots of the employees after regular intervals. Get a realistic experience of how your team is performing remotely.

Uninterrupted Internal Communication

WorkHub Connect gives you the ultimate benefit you get with communication apps. Whether you are having one-to-one private chat messages or group chats, our video conferencing services are the best available tool for your requirements.

Integrate With Multi-Channel

Channels including email service, your business website, or social media sites like Facebook & Twitter, every customer query is handled through WorkHub Connect.

Best Security Standards

WorkHub standards include; PCI DSS compatibility to encrypt data, whitelisting & blacklisting of data sources, and SSO (Single Sign-On) / Login via Social Media options.

Comparison Sneek to WorkHub Connect

Tired of Sneek? For your facility and help, we created an easy and quick decision. We have provided you with a comparison of Sneek and WorkHub Tasks.


7 days free plan is offered to try the Sneek Pro version.

One month free access to all premium features to bring out the best within your team. 

Learn more about pricing plans

Utilize Multiple Sources

Have a single-channel support available only on Slack.

With WorkHub Connect, you can easily share information and messages through multiple sources through our supported integration tools. These integrations include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.