Migration from Oracle’s PeopleSoft to WorkHub

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Do Less Work With WorkHub

To explore WorkHub, visit and log in or register yourself. Navigate the website to learn more, or book a demo with our 24/7 available experts to showcase all WorkHub features in the live call. Make smarter and faster business decisions and get more traffic to your website with WorkHub.

Migrating to WorkHub? Read these topics to know how WorkHub will benefit you: 

Why Choose WorkHub?

WorkHub is a reliable companion in your employee management journey. The applications offered by WorkHub ensure that business optimization is the key, which is why the ultimate focus is to keep every team member connected globally and updated all the time. Read on to know how WorkHub keeps your team ahead of everyone.

Make Faster Decisions

WorkHub can automate, track, schedule, and optimize your workforce that enables your team to make faster decisions and complete required tasks on-time.

Control Productivity

With the right tools, your team can maximize productivity and control the progress of the workplace while achieving company goals.

Team Growth

WorkHub offers a collaborative environment where every employee is encouraged to grow and participate as a team member.

Single Platform For Everything

For companies, team structure can get complex if there are multiple platforms to handle the tasks. With WorkHub, everything is available under one umbrella. 

Oracle’s PeopleSoft to WorkHub Features Comparison

We are so excited to see you on WorkHub! Still on Oracle’s PeopleSoft? Let’s make your migration process effortless because we care about you. Here’s a list of feature comparisons that will help you make the right choice for your business.

Optimized Workforce

PeopleSoft controls the workforce through a suite of helpful features using usability, and scalability.

We don’t control the workforce. Get a powerful suite of useful features including workload management, time tracking and scheduling.

Learn more about optimized workforce

Integration With Other Platforms

Oracle provides a basic implementation process along with training for companies that can be helpful in the process.

WorkHub offers a step-by-step process for integration with your favorite platforms.

Learn more about Integration With Other Platforms