Microsoft Pledges $2.2 Billion Investment to Boost Malaysia's AI

On Thursday, Microsoft announced its plan to inject $2.2 billion into Malaysia over the next four years, aiming to strengthen the expansion of cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to promote its generative AI technology in Asia.

This substantial investment marks Microsoft’s largest commitment to Malaysia in its 32-year history. The initiative encompasses the construction of cloud and AI infrastructure, the facilitation of AI training for 200,000 individuals, and the provision of support to the nation’s developers.

During a visit to Kuala Lumpur, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “We want to make sure we have world class infrastructure right here in the country so that every organization and start-up can benefit,”

In addition, Microsoft plans to collaborate with the Malaysian government to establish a national AI Centre of Excellence and elevate the nation’s cybersecurity capabilities, as stated in an official company’s statement.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, after meeting with Nadella on Thursday, highlighted how the investment reinforces Malaysia’s progress in advancing its AI capabilities.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is intensifying its global support for AI development. Nadella recently unveiled a $1.7 billion investment in neighboring Indonesia and revealed plans for Microsoft’s launching regional data center in Thailand.

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