Managing human resource with Employee Management Software

Employee management software or WFM (Workforce Management) platforms provide a comprehensive collection of capabilities for managing employees that a business requires.

This blog post will assist you in swiftly evaluating and comparing the top employee management platforms and other human resources software.

Finding the appropriate people and keeping them engaged throughout the application and onboarding procedures can be difficult.

Indeed, data reveal that 60% of job searchers abandon the application process halfway through, and over 80% change their minds after the interview, regardless of whether the interview was terrible (83%) or good (80%). (87 percent ).

HRMS stands for “human resource management system,” and it refers to all of the tools and software that we use to manage the people who work for us. In this blog, I’ll go through some of the top employee management software that could help you.

What Is A Workforce Management Software?

What Is A Workforce Management Software?

Every aspect of your organization’s HR process will be supported by comprehensive WFM software or Workforce Management Software. Applicant management, employee management, payroll, benefits, timesheets, and compensation management are all part of this.

These technologies also include capabilities that help your HR department manage your workplace and corporation as a whole.

That’s a lot to cover, so I had to work hard for you in this blog. The top employee management services for supporting HR processes, such as the applicant, employee, and organizational management, may be found here.

Top Employee Management Software For Human Resource Management

Here is the list of the top employee management software for managing human resources.

1. WorkHub – Employee Management Software

WorkHub Powerful Employee Management Software

WorkHub is a hub for some of the most key workplace collaboration and employee management software accessible today, as the name implies.

This platform’s goal is to serve as a hub for all corporate operations and workflow optimization projects. WorkHub aspires to be a beacon of virtual communication and collaboration in this fast-growing remote work environment.

WorkHub acts as a central location for all business operations and workflow improvement tasks.

Furthermore, WorkHub’s extensive array of staff management services makes it accessible to enterprises of all sizes. Important management concerns are addressed by its services, including:

  • Video Conferencing Services
  • Helpdesk Ticketing System
  • Meeting Calendars
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Employee Rewards
  • Employee Timeline

2. HR Cloud

HR Cloud - Recruiting, Onboarding, Employee Engagement & HR Software

Onboard, Workmates, and HR Suite are three integrated software solutions offered by HR Cloud to help you better onboard, engage, and manage your employees.

Their software is built to automate tedious HR operations, improve employee experience, and manage the complete employee lifecycle.

The Onboard system includes self-service, employee profiles, customizable new hire portals, and configurable onboarding workflows, among other capabilities for automating manual onboarding tasks and ensuring employees are prepared on their first day and throughout the onboarding process.

The Workmates solution from HR Cloud comprises a set of capabilities for remote teams to cooperate, communicate, and even recognize and reward one another.

 Employee feeds, announcements, an employee directory, communication, messaging tools, and employee analytics are available here. Workmates also feature a decent function that allows employees to become brand ambassadors for your company.

In addition to this, HR Cloud’s HR Suite also includes several powerful, tried-and-true HR tools, including performance management, leave monitoring, and a mobile employee app, to help you better manage the whole employee lifecycle.

Moreover, advanced reporting, org charts, and the option to design surveys to collect employee feedback are all included in the suite.

3. Sage HRMS

Sage Business Cloud People Sage us

Sage is a company that specializes in accounting, human resources, payments, assets, construction, real estate, and enterprise systems management. They provide cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions. Their highly customizable solutions may be modified to fit the needs of startups, scale-ups, and enterprises.

This program excels in training thanks to several wizards designed to assist with various HR processes, including new hiring, training, salary rises, job changes, and more.

Sage offers a variety of third-party add-ons for integrating various solutions into your HRMS process.

Sage HRMS favors first-party integration options, which puts users at a disadvantage if they need to integrate other project management or payroll applications. As a result, they lost a few points in the Integrations evaluation.

4. PeopleStream

PeopleStreme Human Capital Management

Ascender’s PeopleStreme is a global human capital management and payroll software company that specializes in the creation of technology to support human resource activities. Audi and the Movember Foundation are two companies that employ it.

PeopleStreme performed highly in the Usability rating area, as the program is simple to use and has a straightforward dashboard interface. Additionally, they give quick troubleshooting and support when needed.

Other Ascender tools, GO1, the Australian HR Institute (AHRI), Broadbean, CT Management, Indeed, Intercheck, SEEK, and Workpro are among the integrations.

In addition, another edge that goes into its way is that its internal candidates are:

a) recognized only by number, not by name, and

b) are not indicated in the event of duplications, so the data can be hard to interpret at a glance (ie, candidates that apply for multiple roles within the company)

5. Sapling

SaplingHR - HR Onboarding Software | Onboarding Software for New Hires

Built for Teams is a set of straightforward, powerful tools for hiring, managing, retaining, and analyzing your staff. Data-driven org charts for better visibility, streamlined PTO tracking systems, and applicant tracking automation are just a few of the features.

This tool has a low learning curve, so even folks who aren’t very tech-savvy should be able to utilize it effectively. As a result, it received a high score in the Usability rating criteria.

Google Suite, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, ADP, Slack, and other payroll systems are among the integrations available.

However, one disadvantage to being aware of is that it is currently not feasible to revoke requests, such as paid time off, once they have been entered into the system. Although the HR department can do it, putting this ability in the hands of individual users would be preferable.


Human resources management can serve as both a catalyst and a tool for accelerating the development of a productive workforce. People are engaged and committed when this is achieved, and they become the most influential and essential corporate competitive resource of all.

These top employee management software can help you manage your human resources.

However, if you ask for the best recommendation we have, we would suggest you WorkHub every time because of its versatility and multi-functionality that stands out amongst the rest.