How can Accounting Business be helped by Electronic Signatures

Are you printing contracts or financial documents just to scan them back in and deliver them electronically? If that’s the case, why not test electronic signatures on your accounting documents then?

You may communicate with your accounting clients and ease the sending, signing, and validating of papers with just a few clicks. After all, who enjoys paperwork and extra steps?

We discuss here how electronic signatures can help accounting companies and accountants in various regards.

Is it legal to use an electronic signature(s) for accountants and tax purposes?

Is it legal to use an electronic signature

Electronic signatures are, in general, legally equivalent to handwritten signatures.

Official guidelines for the procedure, however, were established as early as 1999, when the United States began codifying e-signatures. So, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (2000), enacted the following year, provided specified rules for signature validity on electronic contracts and documents.

Nevertheless, each country currently has its own set of electronic signature legislation. Moreover, the Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation explicitly recognizes electronic signatures for accountants in Europe.

It is important to mention that digitally signed papers provide a layer of legal security over printed copies for tax and accounting experts. Electronic signatures thus include verifiable digital records (such as an IP address) that link a signer to a signed document.

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Why Do Accountants Need Electronic Signatures?

Why Do Accountants Need Electronic Signatures

The consequence of employing electronic signatures is that you will conclude contracts faster and increase the overall productivity of your accounting firm: That sounds like a win-win situation.

Let’s look at some of the specific advantages of incorporating legal electronic signature(s) into your accounting workflow.

a) Efficient use of time

Time is a valuable resource.

When you set up an accounting system using electronic signatures, your largest victory will be reclaiming time that would otherwise be spent on administrative activities. So, when you don’t have to track down physical signatures, you can complete paperwork more quickly.

This as a result will give you more time for other responsibilities while the process continues. The automated system of eSignature software validates papers for you whether you are at work or on the treadmill, thus keeping your process going.

b) Reasonably priced

You manage many pages of documentation as an accountant. So, if you need a signature on a single page, you must print the complete document. But all of those pages cost money to produce – paper, ink, and printer upkeep.

By employing an electronic signature, you directly save money in your business, including the overhead cost of sending business documents to your clients through mail or courier.

c) Simple to Implement

Using an e-signature tool such as WorkHub eSignature for your accounting tasks is the simplest way to have documents properly signed since it limits the possibility of human error and provides a technique that is easily repeated.

WorkHub eSignature clearly emphasizes the necessary areas that your clients must sign, which eliminates the need for them to scroll through pages or (maybe) miss a page.

Clients can also construct a single digital signature and apply it to all pages or documents, rather than signing page after page. So, for everyone, the signing process becomes clear, easy, and consistent.

d) Monitor the Procedure

Electronic signatures generate an audit trail that is easy to follow. Also, every document interaction is digitally marked, which is especially important in accounting.

You can also verify the progress of your documents with a few clicks by just logging into your WorkHub eSignature account. So, whether at work or at dinner, you can instantly save, track, and return documents in your dashboard

e) Automated signing

WorkHub eSignature, for example, allows you to automate the complete signing process– from beginning to end.

As soon as you receive a signature, the next stage in the process is instantly launched.

Furthermore, automated reminders can save you time hunting down and confirming signatures.

Which Documents an Accounting Business can Use for Electronic Signature(s)?

Which Documents an Accounting Business can Use for Electronic Signature

Since physical documents are rarely needed in business nowadays, E-signatures can be utilized for almost any accounting contract or paperwork.

Everything from monthly financial closure to tax and payroll filings may be managed swiftly and securely. So, consider how much room you’ll have on your desk and in your office!

Here is a collection of accounting documents that can be signed electronically:

  • Personal tax returns
  • Forms for payroll processing
  • Forms of client acceptance
  • Forms of consent
  • Work statement
  • Non-disclosure contracts

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How WorkHub eSignature help your Accounting Business?

workhub esignature

WorkHub eSignature is one of the most low-cost software for electronic signatures. It comes with the following features to help you make your accounting procedures more efficient:

1. Uploading and distributing documents

Documents can be uploaded to WorkHub eSignature via the desktop or drag-and-drop techniques.

Its e-signature program allows you to upload and track several documents at the same time. You can also quickly add a signature space on the page to meet your eSignature procedures in a personalized fashion.

2. Document signature

Using drag and drop, customize your eSignature procedures and add a signature space to the document. Furthermore, you can collect signatures in bulk by utilizing its robust functionality to set up several signature locations.

3. Document Examination and Signature

WorkHub eSignature employs the most secure digital signature technology available on the internet: those accepting sign requests will receive a security code in their email to double-check that the document is in the correct location, assuring maximum security.

4. Made multi-user signing possible

You can use WorkHub eSignature to distribute documents to one or more recipients with a single click.

The revolutionary interface of WorkHub eSignature allows you to invite numerous signers to sign on a specific section of your document and share the file with everyone.

5. Maintaining a Record of Signed and Unsigned Files

Our e-signature software offers comprehensive capabilities to customers, eliminating the need for human labor as well as the need to keep track of how many papers have been signed.

It also provides critical administrative insights into workflows.

6. Obtaining Signed Documents

You can safely download all of the data after signing your online document with a single click. Your documents are saved securely in your WorkHub account, which can be deleted at any moment.

So, book a free demo of WorkHub eSignatures to make your work easier with digital signatures.