Help Desk Ticketing System Comparison: A Guide to Choose the Best Software

Help desk ticketing system comparison is basically making sure what software a company should go for after careful consideration of the way a company handles customers. If the company cannot handle bulk client requests and takes time to reply to its valued customers, this indicates that it is high time to go for a ticketing system.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Quality customer service depends on a lot of factors. It is important for you to reply to service requests as quickly as you can, provide your clients with personalized conversations, as well as make sure you are offering a consistent experience for all of your customers.

However, these can be hard to execute if you don’t have the tools to get the job done. This is why many companies use help desk ticketing system solutions to optimize the way they handle service requests.

Client Stats

Client Stats

A quality customer experience improves client retention (42%) and enhances the chances for cross-selling and up-selling (32%). This is why it is essential to fine-tune your customer service process and make sure that your support staff is well-equipped to face any client issue that comes their way. So, if you find yourself overlooking and avoiding service requests, struggling with a scattered customer database, or working with an inefficient case routing process, then maybe it’s high time you invest in a help desk ticketing system. This software is a great add-on to your arsenal of business tools as it equips you with the solutions you require to reinforce your customer support efforts.

Here are some helpdesk stats that you might be shocked to hear:

  • 36% of service desks plan to increase their staffing levels in 2018 (SDI).
  • The average starting salary for service desk analysts is $41,500 (SDI).
  • The average starting salary for service desk supervisors is $58,500 (SDI).

Many companies and businesses have experienced positive feedback after installing helpdesk software. So, the reviews motivate businesses to expand and move towards betterment. Here is a list of top helpdesk software that will guide what software you should choose.

Help Desk Ticketing System Comparison – A complete Guide

WorkHub Tasks

Workhub Assist Helpdesk Ticketing System

With WorkHub Tasks, the best software that will help to cater to all client needs and answer all their queries and problems in the most professional way. You can never go wrong with this software as the new design of WorkHub is built around customer satisfaction, and that is something that very few companies think about. The best thing about this WorkHub Tasks is it is a top free helpdesk software while other players charge too much for their services; WorkHub Taskstakes care of one and all.

Zoho Desk


Put forward a great customer support experience with Zoho Desk. Prioritize, manage and close an ever-increasing volume of requests that reach your organization through various channels. Therefore, build and publish a support knowledge base. Analyze and improve the performance of your customer support team. So, Zoho Desk is expandable and flexible, cloud-based help desk support software with Contextual AI. It allows providing the support experience your customers deserve.


Freshdesk Online Cloud Based Customer Service Software

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software that allows businesses of all sizes to deliver stellar customer support. Therefore, it transforms requests coming in via email, web, phone, chat, and social into tickets and unifies ticket resolution across channels. On top of that, it let you automate workflows, provide self-service, manage SLAs, and measure metrics, so you can stay on top of all things customer support.


This article is a guide to choosing suitable software. This will help you manage a business more efficiently. Life is better when the right technology can change the fortune of a company. With the help of a capable helpdesk, you can eventually take care of all matters that are a source of trouble.

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