Google Plans to Invest $3 Billion in Indiana

Alphabet’s Google division, represented by (GOOGL.O), disclosed plans on Friday to invest $3 billion into erecting a data center campus in Indiana while simultaneously broadening operations in Virginia. 

The surge in artificial intelligence applications has significantly heightened the demand for cloud computing services, prompting major tech players to bolster their data center capabilities.

In a parallel development on Thursday,’s cloud computing subsidiary, denoted by (AMZN.O), pledged a staggering $11 billion towards constructing fresh data centers in Indiana, a move expected to generate 1,000 job opportunities.

Google’s allocation includes $2 billion earmarked for establishing the Indiana campus in Fort Wayne, with the remaining $1 billion designated for augmenting three existing data center campuses across Virginia.

Additionally, on the same Friday, Google unveiled a $75-million initiative dubbed the Google AI Opportunity Fund, aimed at providing training to Americans in AI skills.

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