Google Integrates Gemini AI into Google Workspace

Google has introduced a new Gemini AI side panel in Gmail designed to assist users in drafting emails and summarizing email threads. This Gemini side panel will also be available in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive. These features were announced last month during Google’s I/O developer conference, which prominently highlighted the company’s latest AI innovations.

With the integration of Gemini in Gmail, users can receive help composing emails and get suggested responses. Additionally, users can ask questions and search for specific information within their emails or Google Drive files, same as how WorkBot analyzes organizational files uploaded on the knowledge base and answers based on the complex data in files. Get a free demo to learn more on how to increase your team’s productivity with it!

Google emphasizes that while Gemini will offer prompts to initiate your queries, you are free to ask your own questions. For example, you might ask Gemini, “What was the PO number for my agency?” or “How much did the company spend on the last marketing event?”

These advanced features are exclusively available to Google Workspace customers who have subscribed to a Gemini Business or Enterprise add-on, a Gemini Education or Education Premium add-on, or a Google One AI Premium subscription.

Gemini Side Panel
Image Credits: Google

In Google Docs, the Gemini side panel offers assistance in writing and refining content, summarizing information, and brainstorming ideas. It can also generate content based on other files. For Google Slides, Gemini aids in creating new slides, generating custom images, and summarizing entire presentations.

In Google Sheets, the Gemini panel helps manage and organize data, create tables, generate formulas, and perform various tasks efficiently. Meanwhile, in Google Drive, Gemini provides document summaries and quick facts about projects.

Just like the Gemini panel in Gmail, these features in Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Drive are accessible only to paid Gemini subscribers.

Google is the latest tech giant to integrate generative AI features into its widely used apps and services. Earlier this year, Meta introduced its AI chatbot to Instagram and WhatsApp, while Apple recently announced that it will be adding generative AI capabilities to apps such as Siri, Messages, Mail, and Notes.

The recent trend of embedding AI into everyday products has received mixed reactions. While there is excitement about Apple’s forthcoming AI features, Meta faced criticism when it integrated its AI chatbot into Instagram’s search function. Until now, users who were not interested in generative AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT could largely avoid them. However, as tech companies continue to incorporate AI into their daily apps and services, avoiding generative AI will become increasingly difficult.