Top 5 Features of the Best Conference Call App

In our daily life routine, we all face multiple challenges like crashes, cutting out, or no sound while attending regular conferencing calls with our clients or team members. Admitting the fact that a hybrid working environment is here to stay in the long run, we all need the best conference call app to see and hear all participants without any hassle. 

It is also analyzed through multiple experiences that online meetings provide an even better experience than in-person meetings in physical workplaces. Consequently, video conferencing apps have become vital for all businesses’ communication needs. But how can you decide which communication tool will suit best for your business needs?

Here, look at the list of 5 top-notch features in excellent communication and collaboration software. 

Why Do You Need a Conference Call App for Your Business? 

Hybrid work is here to stay in the long run. Resultantly the bulk of meetings will be conducted virtually. According to research conducted by Gartner, it is predicted that only 25% of work meetings will take place in-person in 2024. 

Hybrid work environments require a robust platform that’s useful, easy to use, and that takes business meeting experiences to a whole new level. However, IDC estimated that 90% of businesses in North America in 2021 would increase their spending on video conferencing apps as users are constantly searching for solutions that increase business value. 

Therefore, breaking down the concept, everyone is looking for technology that makes virtual meetings more than ‘just another meeting.’ 

Before jumping into to discover features, you need to explore these solid reasons to justify why your business needs a best conference call app. You might have read my general reasons like, “You want to hold a meeting with people at different places” or “Want to host a conference of large participants and don’t have enough physical space to accommodate” there are many other benefits of switching to online communication applications. 

Benefits of Video Conference Platforms:

Save Maximum Expenses (Time, Money & Nerves)

Every business body desires to have as much time and money as possible. Switching to online collaboration tools like WorkHub Connect is an excellent idea in this modern age to work smartly and save maximum resources. To make it easier to understand, let’s have a look at a practical situation explained below: 

Save Maximum Expenses

Affordable International Call

If you are working with a team located in different parts of the world, you must find some reasonable international calling resources. We all know that dialing any international call can lead to enormous bills. Therefore, having a stable internet connection and reliable video conferencing software can make your international calls more accessible and affordable. 

Affordable International Call

Reduce Distances Barriers

Now you can stay connected with your team members seated in different parts of the world without any limitations. Digital communication has successfully filled distance gaps and enabled everyone to connect easily with anyone at any time. Here is a practical instance of how a video conferencing app fills the distance gaps: 

Reduce Distances Barriers

Engaged Team Members

Working with a remote team gives rise to several challenges of team engagement and bonding. All these challenges can be overcome with a reliable communication platform that keeps every team member connected and engaged. 

Engaged Team Members

Enhanced Productivity

Working remotely definitely allows you to be more productive and focused. You can eliminate all distractions by contacting your team members only when it is required. Thus, staying focused allows you to meet every deadline with the least effort. 

Enhanced Productivity

What Features Should a Video Conferencing App Be called “The Best”?

Are you tired of struggling with glitchy, difficult-to-use online meeting apps that leave you frustrated and unproductive? If you’re looking for the best platform to make your virtual meetings a breeze, you need the best conference call app with the key features that make all the difference.

1. User Management

User management is a crucial feature of video conferencing apps that enables you to create, manage and control user accounts, groups, and permissions. This feature ensures the security and compliance of your application and enables you to bill, charge quickly, and invoice users for the services they use. 

With user management, you can also control user access to essential functions like recording or screen sharing, allowing you to customize the user experience and ensure that your users have access to the features they need. By implementing user management in your video conferencing app, you can optimize your user experience and safeguard your sensitive information.

2. Mobile Friendly Interface

A great video conferencing application should work seamlessly across all major operating systems and browsers, so you can easily connect with colleagues and clients on the go. It should also support different screen sizes, resolutions, and codecs, ensuring a high-quality video and audio experience no matter where you are.

And if you’re using a touch-screen device, you want a user interface that’s optimized for your needs. An app with robust mobile support should offer intuitive touch controls, making it easy to navigate and interact with others during your video conferences.

Don’t settle for an app that limits your ability to connect and collaborate on the go. Choose a video conferencing app with robust mobile support and take your productivity to the next level, no matter where you are.

3. Secure Server

A secure server is a critical feature of any video conferencing app, ensuring that your sensitive data and conversations remain protected from unauthorized access and cyber threats. By implementing a secure server, your app can provide robust encryption to protect your data by converting it into code that can only be decoded with a specific key or password known only to authorized individuals.

Moreover, a secure server also enables the use of firewalls, which isolate your system and its users from potentially insecure or untrusted systems, blocking any communications that don’t meet predefined security criteria. Firewalls also monitor traffic flowing between internal and external networks, detecting and blocking any suspicious activity that may occur.

Authentication is another essential feature enabled by a secure server, as it confirms an individual’s identity by verifying their credentials against a database, ensuring that only authorized members have access to your sensitive information. This added layer of security prevents unauthorized access, even if a hacker has gained access to another user’s account.

4. Active Speaker Indicator

In larger meetings, keeping track of who’s speaking can be challenging, causing participants to spend their energy trying to figure out who’s talking rather than actively engaging in the conversation. This can lead to a lack of participation and missed opportunities for collaboration.

However, the active speaker indicator ensures that participants can focus their attention on what’s being said and actively contribute to the discussion.

Additionally, the active speaker indicator feature is helpful when someone’s microphone inadvertently picks up the background noise. Rather than interrupting the meeting or wasting time trying to identify the source of the noise, the individual responsible can quickly and easily mute themselves. Alternatively, the host can mute them, ensuring that the meeting can proceed uninterrupted, saving valuable time for everyone involved.

5. Real-time Group and Private Chat Features

Video conferencing apps are not just about connecting people face-to-face; they also offer various communication options to keep everyone connected throughout the meeting. Real-time group and private chat is one such feature that helps to enhance collaboration and productivity in virtual meetings.

With real-time group chat, participants can communicate with each other via text messages during the meeting, enabling them to share ideas, provide feedback, and ask questions in real time without interrupting the speaker. This feature also allows participants to share links, files, and images to supplement their discussion, making collaborating on projects and tasks easier.

Private chat, on the other hand, enables participants to communicate with each other in a one-on-one setting without disrupting the main meeting. This is particularly useful for side conversations or for participants who may have a question or comment for another member of the team but do not want to interrupt the speaker.

Real-time group and private chat also help keep the meeting organized and on track, as participants can quickly and easily communicate without switching to a different communication tool. This is especially important for virtual meetings where participants may be working from different locations and time zones.

Get All Top-Notch Video Conferencing Features in WorkHub Connect

With advanced noise cancellation and one-click connectivity features, WorkHub Connect stands out as the best conference call app. It enables seamless collaboration beyond the spoken words in a call. Having multiple modes of communication available during a video call allows teams to carry out external conversations without interrupting the primary speaker.

For instance, while the speaker is discussing a new product launch, the marketing team can start a chat thread to brainstorm campaign ideas. The added capabilities of video conferencing are awe-inspiring, but these additional features take the experience to a whole new level.

To learn more about the benefits of WorkHub Connect and get a personalized quote, book a live session with us today. Our dedicated specialists are always available to assist you in any way possible.