Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed Information about Fast, Reliable, Convenient, and Economical Electronic Signatures using WorkHub eSignature

What is WorkHub eSignature? chevron_right

WorkHub eSignature is a platform that facilitates the creation of an electronic signature. This legal concept symbolizes the signatory’s consent to the terms and conditions of a document. Like a handwritten signature, this consent is captured electronically.

What type of businesses should use WorkHub eSignature? chevron_right

WorkHub eSignature is called on by businesses that use large amounts of contracts and agreements: banks, human resources departments, telecommunications companies, real estate companies, and other businesses that need fast, economical, and convenient ways to sign documents. 

How is WorkHub eSignature different from its competitors? chevron_right

WorkHub eSignature is an easy-to-use, and the most cost-effective software for electronic signatures. Moreover, it eliminates the hassle of manual work without compromising on security of data. 

What types of documents can be signed electronically? chevron_right

A lot of personal and business documents are signed electronically. Some examples include employment contracts, sales agreements, quotations, orders, and many more.

How can a sender track the approval status of a document? chevron_right

A sender can easily track the approval status of the documents from the tracking dashboard of WorkHub eSignature. It provides all the information like how many participants have signed the document and how many are pending. 

Can several people sign a document? chevron_right

WorkHub eSignature allows a document to be signed by several individuals or organizations within the same operation. 

Is it safe to sign documents using WorkHub eSignature? chevron_right

Electronic documents are confidential and should be viewed only by designated recipients. WorkHub eSignature’s digital signature technology ensures document security and saves from being misplaced, lost, or destroyed.

Does a customer need some software or device to use WorkHub eSignature? chevron_right

A user does not need to install any software or use any device for using WorkHub eSignature in their document workflows. A receiver can conveniently sign documents received on their email address using the internet. 

Does a customer need to install software to use WorkHub eSignature? chevron_right

The electronic signature is conducted through the web. It is a SaaS product used online through the web browser. A customer needs access to the internet and web browser to use WorkHub eSignature.

What are the significant benefits of using WorkHub eSignature? chevron_right

WorkHub eSignature is a convenient, fast, secure, location-independent, environment-friendly, and economical way of signing documents. Furthermore, it is the most pocket-friendly solution that you can ever come across for digitally signing documents.