Why is eSignature for Real Estate becoming popular

The less paperwork you have to deal with when purchasing and selling houses, the better it is, and this is where an eSignature for Real Estate is needed.

The eSignature technology enables you to electronically sign contracts and other papers, thus resulting in less fuss and delays.

Using an electronic signature tool to create legally enforceable agreements is quickly becoming the new standard for many real estate firms.

Continue reading for more information on eSignature for Real Estate and to know why its use in this industry has become popular:

7 Advantages of Using Electronic Signatures in Real Estate

Advantages of Using Electronic Signatures in Real Estate

Contracts, paperwork, and applications routinely use electronic signatures. In most nations, including the United States, they are legally binding. This means that an eSignature is equivalent to a handwritten signature and may be confirmed using an encryption method.

If you are a realtor, using an electronic signature might save you a lot of time and effort. A few important advantages that come with eSignature for real estate:

1. May help close deals quickly

As an agent, the last thing you want to do is wait for your client’s signature.

With an electronic signature, you may rapidly obtain a signed agreement and use the time saved to work on other vital activities.

All you need in this regard is the client’s email address. You’ll receive an email notification once they sign the paper, so you won’t have to wonder if it’s been completed.

Furthermore, the electronic signatures you make are legally binding, so you can be confident they will stand up in court.

2. Helps with consistent contract delivery

Using eSignature for real estate, you don’t require to send contracts back and forth through mail posts. In fact, you can deliver agreements electronically with an electronic signature without ever leaving your workplace. Thus, your clients can sign legally binding real estate documents from their computer, smartphone, or tablet—all from a single location.

3. Helps you sign while on the go

If you’re meeting with a client who is ready to sign a contract, you may pull it up on your phone or tablet and have them sign it right there.

There’s no need to wait until you return to work. Furthermore, if you’re ever out of town, you may effortlessly sign contracts remotely on your mobile devices.

4. Helps you handle various types of contracts

Every day, real estate brokers must deal with a variety of real estate transactions, including:

  1. Rental contracts
  2. Escrow
  3. NDAs
  4. Addendums for financing

It can be difficult to handle your daily flow of paperwork if you still use pen and paper for these contracts. However, with eSignature for real estate, you can effortlessly sign and handle these contracts digitally—all in one spot.

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Most clients value the use of digital technologies in real estate transactions since they are as convenient for them as they are for you.

Clients can simply sign real estate contracts, such as month-to-month rental agreements, without having to come into your office.

6. May help you check for security and compliance

When it comes to handling sensitive information on documents, especially commercial real estate agreements, security is a key priority.

You can be confident that your real estate contracts will comply with all applicable rules if you use an electronic signature.

Digital signature technologies employ cutting-edge encryption technology to safeguard your data and ensure that only authorized people have access to it.

7. Helps cut business costs

Another big advantage of having eSignature for real estate transactions is lower business costs.

Using electronic signatures will help you eliminate all such costs related to printing and shipping paper contracts, reducing your relevant costs significantly.

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Real Estate Use Cases Using eSignature

Real Estate Use Cases Using eSignature

Electronic signatures are a legal and secure technique to digitally sign documents. This technology is gaining popularity among real estate companies as well since it saves a substantial amount of time and money.

Some of the use cases concerning eSignature for Real Estate are below:

a) Sign leases and rental agreements

One of the most prominent applications for eSignatures in the real estate market is for signing leases and rental agreements.

With an eSignature solution in place, you can speed up the lease signing process by delivering documents electronically and having them signed fast and easily—all from the comfort of your own office or home.

b) Follow the Lifecycle of a Real Estate Contract

Another application for electronic signatures in real estate is contract lifecycle tracking, or keeping track of where a contract is at any given point of signing.

The majority of eSignature solutions include document tracking tools that allow you to see each signed document at a glance. And this can be useful in a variety of scenarios, including determining which clients have yet to pay their security deposits.

c) Shorten closing times

Another big advantage of adopting an electronic signature for real estate is faster closing time frames. There is no need to wait for actual delivery of paper documents as all parties can sign off on a contract in minutes rather than days.

d) Onboarding of New Agents

Onboarding new real estate agents is critical to the success of any real estate business.

You can use an eSignature solution to transmit all relevant papers to new agents electronically and have them signed before their first day on the job.

This results in a simplified onboarding process while guaranteeing that all new hires are up to date on business policy from the start.

e) Contract Process Automation

Another reason to use an electronic signature in real estate is to automate the contracting process.

When specified criteria are met, a sophisticated eSignature solution can automatically send out secure agreements through email for signatures.

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WorkHub eSignature for Real Estate

workhub esignature

WorkHub eSignature is one of the most beneficial and cost-effective electronic signature software programs.

It comes with the following features that help in regard to eSignature for Real Estate:

1. Document Uploading and Distribution

Users of WorkHub eSignature can upload documents via the desktop or drag-and-drop methods.

You can use its e-signature program to upload and track several documents at the same time. Moreover, to personalize your eSignature procedures, you may easily add a signature space to the page.

2. Signature on Document

Customize your eSignature procedures and add a signature space to the document using drag & drop. Not only that, you can also collect signatures in bulk by leveraging its powerful functionality to set up several signature areas.

3. Examining and Signing the Document

WorkHub eSignature uses the most secure digital signature mechanism available on the internet: those accepting sign requests will receive a security code in their email to double-check that the document is in the correct location, ensuring the greatest levels of security.

4. Enabled multi-user signing

WorkHub eSignature allows you to send documents to one or more recipients with a single click.

WorkHub eSignature’s revolutionary interface enables you to add multiple signers to sign on a specific section of your document and share the file with everyone.

5. Keeping Track of Signed and Unsigned Files

Our e-signature software provides customers with sophisticated capabilities that eliminate the need for human labor as well as the necessity to keep track of how many papers have been signed.

Furthermore, it provides essential administrative insights into workflows.

6. Downloading Signed Documents

After signing your online document, you can safely download all of the data with a single click. Your documents are securely saved in your WorkHub account, which may also be erased at any time.

Learn more about the help of WorkHub eSignature for real estate by booking a free demo.