Employee Management App For Small Business

An employee management app is an alternative approach to engage with employees in a better way. Many employees find it difficult to connect with the people outside their teams in the company.

Moreover, being an HR leader can be demanding but rewarding. From the application process to benefits, worker compensation, and retirement, an entire company is counting on you to know information that is critical to their personal success.

You must consider how different entities’ regulations affect eligibility. And you must be able to communicate this information to employees clearly and concisely, never losing sight of HR management’s primary goal of fostering a productive workforce and facilitating conflict resolution.

According to a 2017 Gallup report, Companies do not connect properly 70 percent of employees at work. So for small-scale businesses, keeping employee management services active and on top of their daily tasks is essential. 

Therefore, to ease the process of selection, we bring to you the top employee management apps that will scale up the growth of your small businesses.

Top Employee Management Apps for Small Businesses

1. WorkHub

WorkHub Powerful Employee Management Software

Workhub is an employee management app for businesses that will optimize work processes and workflow – especially in the Covid situation where employees have no option but to work remotely.

Workhub is a result of keen research and development on core organizational needs. It not only includes HR operations but assistance to core business processes like helpdesk ticketing platforms and video conferencing services as well.

The biggest challenges that Workhub aims to address these days are communication, collaboration, and employee engagement during remote work. Currently, it is doing so with the help of its two major applications, WorkHub Connect, WorkHub Tasks, and WorkHub BRAVO!

2. Asana

Asana Manage your team’s work, projects, & tasks online

Asana is an employee management app that helps you assign tasks and monitor your worker’s progress through various projects.

You can set deadlines and priorities, while your team can check items off their lists to keep you apprised of what they have completed and what still needs work.

3. Slack

Slack Business Communication Platform

Well, we don’t think this app needs any introduction, but still for the sake of those who do not know about it.

Slack is also an employee management app that helps us to stay connected with team members.

Slack offers a conversation hub where you can set up threads for specific businesses or projects. You can also send private information and arrange voice and video calls.


4. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project Project Management Software

Microsoft Project is part of the Office 365 application suite. The platform provides templates and scheduling tools that help you maintain products with your entire team.

It also lets you set market objectives and record the use of resources throughout each project.

5. Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace Unified Communication and Business Productivity Tools

Zoho Workplace is a full-featured office suite. Zoho Workplace includes 

  • Business Instant Messaging
  • Cloud Content Collaboration
  • Document Creation
  • Email
  • Employee Intranet
  • Presentation
  • Spreadsheets

Zoho is essentially a suite full of unique features and options so that you can make the platform that works best for your team members or individual needs.

6. Podio

Citrix Podio Powerful low-code Business Solutions

Podio is a work management software that lets you start discussions, set up workspaces for special projects or offices, and even bring freelancers or clients into just the right workspaces or conferences that apply to them.

7. Fuze

Fuze is a management software that lets you stay in conversation with your team or company colleagues at all times. It offers all necessary tools for communication including,

  • Voice Calls 
  • Video Conferences
  • Online Messaging

You can even set up group meetings for vast projects or call singles for more targeted conferences.

8. Evernote Business

Evernote Business Cloud-Based Office Productivity Software Solutions

The creator of the popular note-taking app also created the Evernote business. 

Evernote Business presents a cloud-based productivity solution that allows you to receive notes and files with company members and then manage workflows for individual projects.

More so, it also coordinates with additional popular apps like 

  • Slack 
  • Outlook
  • Google Drive

8. SmartSheet

Smartsheet Align Teams, Manage Projects, and Quickly Adapt

Smartsheet is a very suitable solution for small companies who are looking to grow their business horizons. 

Besides, Smartsheet offers team management features like communication and project workflows. It also provides automation features to serve you to save time and scale your business more efficiently.

9. Scoro

Scoro End-to-End Work Management Software

The Scoro is an employee management platform that lets you every aspect of your business activities in one place.

More so, as far as company management is concerned, you can use Scoro to set tasks and workflows for projects and arrange your calendar of events, meetings, and critical deadlines.

10. MeisterTask

MeisterTask Task Management for Teams

MeisterTask is a management system tool that allows you to make visual project boards and can be fully customized.

Furthermore, whether you’re managing your next huge project or automating task management for your team’s normal operations, you need to know who’s doing what and when.

MeisterTask enables you to manage chores in a visually appealing, configurable environment that adapts to your needs.

11. Toggl

Toggl Time Tracking, Project Planning and Hiring Tools to Help Teams Work Better

Toggl is a time tracker that produces insights and reports about the usage of time. You can set it to yield alerts when team members are unproductive for long times and track the profitability of various tasks.

Moreover, it is accessible on desktop and mobile. So you can stay on top of your time management from any place.

12. Hubstaff

Hubstaff | Time Tracking and Productivity Monitoring Tool

Hubstaff is a time-tracking solution to improve the productivity of your teams. The platform is available on, 

  • desktop 
  • web
  • mobile app

Besides, it also offers a screen tracking feature for remote-based employees and GPS functionality for outdoor workers.

13. Notion

Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases

Notion is also known as the all-in-one workspace. It offers to-do list management for the entire team, along with note-taking, document collaboration.

In addition to that, it has the ability to set up a knowledge base to help your team with FAQs and common issues.


Freedcamp - Free Project Management

Freedcamp is an employee management app that is cloud-based planning and project management solution for organizations and individuals.

Furthermore, Freedcamp lets you make tasks and subtasks and then split them with team members. You can then examine charts of your to-do tasks and progress and make readjustments along the way.

14. ProWorkFlow

ProWorkflow Best Online Project Management Software

A web-based project management solution, Pro-workflow lets you set up projects, assign tasks and track progress and time.

More so, it integrates with some accounting and file storage solutions so you can access all the reports and documents that apply to your projects in one spot.

15. ProofHub

Proofhub All-in-One Project Planning Software

ProofHub lets you manage communication with your clients in one dashboard. It gives you the option to set up departments, tasks, milestones, and chats to keep everyone focussed on the task.

Besides, using this platform ensures that each team member knows what they expect of them through every step of the process.


There are varieties of employee management apps. It only depends on the demand and needs of the clients. Every software mentioned above is serving and improving the HR and employee management system functionalities of businesses to a great extent.

Most of the above-mentioned solutions are available on your smartphone, which means that you and your employees can enhance your processes anywhere.

Moreover, if you are looking for a complete package that could sum all the benefits from the tools described above: our recommendation would be for WorkHub, as it keeps you covered from all the aspects of having a remote workforce management software.