Efficient Customer Service Through Customer Support Automation

Customer support automation is a purpose-built process that aims to reduce or eliminate human involvement while assisting customers.

Customer service is more than a purchase or exchange of goods and services; it is a process of building a relationship. Customer support plays an important role in building and maintaining this relationship.

Customer support automation can reduce the burden and cost of customer support departments.

Let’s explore the right way to automate customer support without compromising on quality.

Why is Customer Support Automation Tricky?

Customer support agents must understand the psychology of building relationships with customers. As humans are involved in this process, it is impossible to replace people with technology. Delivery of excellent customer support without human involvement is not possible.

Automation of customer support is a tricky job. Thus decision-makers should decide what to hand over to the machine for creating a winning combination.

As Eliyahu Moshe Goldratt, a business management guru said,

“Automation is good, so long as you know exactly where to put the machine.”

Customer service automation is the process of resolving customer queries by using software and computer resources. Automation handovers some responsibilities to computer software called the helpdesk ticketing system to reduce the amount of effort spent with human-to-human interactions.

Benefits of Customer Support Automation

Customer support automation benefits includes quick response, reduced cost, better resource allocation, increased customer satisfaction, reduction of growth bottlenecks and a lot more. Following are three major benefits:

●      Reduced Cost

The cost of customer support is pretty high as support agents handle service tasks and it involves a lot of overheads: hiring, training, pay, office space, and more. Help desk ticketing system reduces cost by 20% – 40%, making it a vital part of optimizing your business.

●      Fast Service Delivery

These days customers greatly prefer speed and efficiency over speaking to a human.  89 % of US customers expect brands to provide a self-service portal. According to a study by McKinsey, 75% of online customers expect assistance delivery within five minutes.

●      24/7 Service Availability

Customer service through a call center can be expensive, needing to cover all hours by running shifts 24/7, is even more expensive. Customer support automation means you can direct customers to help without needing to have a human-led customer service function on call at all hours.

How to Automate Customer Support?

Helpdesk ticketing systems like WorkHub Tasks can help any organization to automate its customer support. WorkHub Tasks automate small and repetitive jobs and help customer support agents to concentrate on work that cannot be automated. WorkHub Tasks automates following jobs.

Self-Service Using a Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a powerful feature that helps organizations to automate their support. It provides answers and helps with common problems.

A knowledge base is a digital library containing all necessary information about products and services and contains the solution to a lot of customer problems. It consists of FAQs, manuals, how-to guides, and troubleshooting information for providing a solution to a commonly asked question.

A knowledge base contains readily available information for customers. In today’s on-demand lifestyle, 89% of customers expect an immediate response to their queries. A knowledge base is essential for today’s businesses to provide instant responses to their queries and to deliver an excellent customer experience.


Centralization provides a single point of contact for all customer queries and problems. The centralized mailbox in WorkHub submit requests for support or help that they may need. After receiving customer queries in a centralized mailbox system then routes the request to the appropriate department or team based on the type of request. Centralization saves time because it does not require users to go through multiple departments before getting support.

Centralization helps reduce the number of IT requests from customers because there is only one place where you need to go when you have an issue or question. Centralized help desk channel helps eliminate redundancy and increase efficiency by reducing the time spent organizing support tickets.

Canned Replies and Auto-Responders

Canned replies in WorkHub Tasks contains predefined answers or templates for common questions. Auto replies triggers some actions automatically.

Auto-responders are one-size-fits-all emails that work well with marketing and general announcements. Auto-replies are good to give the customer feels as system receives their queries. On other hand, canned responses are pre-written answers to address common scenarios.

Live-Chat Support

Live chat support in the helpdesk ticketing system is a customer messaging channel that enables businesses to communicate with customers during their website visits. WorkHub Tasks enables agents to chat with customers when they are communicating through the website.

Live chat support provides a range of benefits for businesses. Live chat support provides instant response to customers’ queries in real-time reducing wait time and improving customer satisfaction.

In today’s modern age customers expect quick replies. The team needs to be on their toes, responding to their customers without any kind of delay. Live chat support in WorkHub Task helps teams to quickly respond to their customers.


Customer support automation helps businesses reduce their workload, cut down cost, streamline operations and speed up support delivery in an efficient way. WorkHub Task is an affordable helpdesk solution for steadfast support without paying a lot. Book a DEMO today to learn how it can automate your team to provide a superior experience.