Discover 5 Advanced Features of Best Help Desk Software

It can be challenging to choose the best help desk software: Hundreds of tools to examine and thousands of potential features. It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of imagining how all of those features could help your team provide better support.

Additional features, on the other hand, frequently means more complexity and overhead. Finally, it’s usually best to pick help desk software that offers only the functions you require, rather than every feature that any support team has ever required.

It’s advisable to sit down and talk with your support team to figure out exactly what features you require. Please list all the features you can think of, and then prioritize them into categories of must-haves and nice-to-haves.

Consider this list of key characteristics of help desk software as a starting point to help you limit down your options to those that meet the absolute minimum needs.

5 Features that must be included in any Best Help Desk Software

6 Features that must be included in any Best Help Desk Software

Features that you can’t live without, such as a shared inbox if you primarily provide email assistance; features that will make your team’s life easier, such as an intuitive interface; and features that will please your clients, are all must-have features of best help desk software.

1. Exceptional Ticket Tracking and Management

Exceptional Ticket Tracking and Management

The proper handling and tracking of tickets are the core of any Help Desk system when responding to technical issues or service requests. While it may seem self-evident, the ability to efficiently organize and manage your active workload has significant benefits in terms of ticket throughput and resolution time, as well as overall organizational efficiency.

  • How does your active workload look? Is the sequence of the tickets reasonable, taking into account their importance or your SLAs, and can you access all of this information at a glance?
  • Do you have any tickets that require your immediate attention, approval, or assignment? Can you divide them logically for easy management? Is there enough information on the dashboard and in the primary ticket view, or do you have to go through numerous screens to discover what you’re looking for?
  • Is the procedure for reassigning or escalated tickets streamlined, and may different team members be involved in settling a ticket? How simple is it to bundle together many tickets with the same root cause and keep track of multiple end-users?

Customers are willing to spend 17% more with a company that offers outstanding customer service. (Source: American Express

2. Database of Historical Incidents (Knowledge Base)

Database of Historical Incidents (Knowledge Base)

Is it starting to feel like Ground Hog Day, with the same problems and tickets cropping up again and again? How many reported issues to have your Help Desk team encountered and fixed? It’s most likely a tone. You may significantly minimize resolution time and workload by allowing your team to share their aggregate expertise via an integrated Knowledge Base.

About 30% of respondents believe that the most crucial aspect of customer service is speaking with a knowledgeable and friendly agent. (Source: Microsoft)

3. Statistics and Metrics at Your Fingertips

Statistics and Metrics at Your Fingertips

Help desk software should enable the study and evaluation of all reported issues’ responses and treatments. 52% of customers revealed that they have made an additional purchase from a company after a positive customer service experience. (Source: Dimensional Research) IT technical support and supervisors can evaluate their own performance by displaying graphics, statistics, and client comments.

4. The Interface of Best Help Desk Software that is Convenient to Use

The Interface that is Convenient to use

When it comes to navigating a help desk portal, customers can be impatient. As a result, IT helpdesk ticketing system organizations should strive to track and respond to user-reported events swiftly. It provide customers with a modern, easy-to-use interface each time they submit an IT incident. Organizations profit from service desk software with a user-friendly interface because it eliminates deployment headaches.

More enjoyable to use and more efficient, but it also requires quick adaptation to realize a return on investment.

5. Support and Implementation of Best Help Desk Software

Support and Implementation in a Timely Manner

Your IT team will spend less time and effort on making the product work and more time focusing on increasing adoption rates. Meeting your ROI targets if you utilize help desk software that is simple and quick to set up. In SME’s, implementing, testing, completing technician training, and going live with a new system should take less than four weeks.

Businesses that offer delightful customer experiences, drive revenues 4% to 8% higher than those of their competitors. (Source: Bain

Consider whether the solution is best suited to your organization’s size or whether it is over-geared for your demands. If you are projecting a longer period due to the intricacy of the configuration or the extensive quantity of training necessary.

Downtime in the IT help desk services can also impact adoption rates and, as a result, the usefulness of the system. Rather than just email help, look for support that includes at least some level of phone support so you can receive an immediate response as needed. For cloud-based systems, it’s also a good idea to search for a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees uptime.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, follow established guidelines to get the most out of your investment. Look for software that supports ITIL best practices and allows issues to be organized as incidents and problems, which can then be fed into change requests. Compatibility with Service Level Management rounds out the package. Six in 10 people who interacted with a chatbot said they knew they were communicating with one due to the robotic and artificial nature of the responses. (Source: Media Post)


Your Help Desk is your company’s main point of contact for client inquiries. To develop confidence in your IT department’s capabilities and maximize the contribution IT can make to a successful business. It’s vital to keep this system up and operate and respond quickly to customer complaints.

Collaboration, speed, automation, prioritizing incoming encounters, analysis, and more are all benefits of the best help desk software. Make sure the one you choose allows for expansion and can scale with your company.

You’ll set your team up for success and please your consumers every day. If you carefully explore your alternatives to find the ideal fit for your firm.

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