Frequently Asked Questions

A single platform for staying connected and communicating with internal and external business partners

What is WorkHub Connect? chevron_right

WorkHub Connect is a team collaboration software for hybrid teams to meet their communication needs.

Does the customer need to install WorkHub Connect on their system? chevron_right

WorkHub Connect is a SaaS product. Customers do not need to install it on their system, it is used from the browser.

What is Team Wall in WorkHub Connect? chevron_right

It is an innovative feature of WorkHub Connect that enhances team collaboration. WorkHub Connect captures live headshots of the active members after regular intervals. Any team member can connect active colleagues on Team Wall with a single click. 

How to compare the price of WorkHub Connect? chevron_right

WorkHub Connect is the most affordable team collaboration software available in the market. You can refer to our pricing page for more details about different plans. Click here.

Is WorkHub Connect used for internal communication only? chevron_right

WorkHub is a single platform combining internal and external communication. Internally, team members can communicate with each other, while external contacts can also speak to internal team members.

How to use WorkHub Connect for external communication? chevron_right

External communication is seamlessly integrated into the platform by connecting widgets and landing pages, allowing any external contact to speak with relevant internal team members.

What is WorkHub Connect Spaces? chevron_right

WorkHub Connect Spaces is a widget of WorkHub Connect, it allows external contact to communicate with concerned internal team members.

What types of communications WorkHub Connect provides? chevron_right

WorkHub Connect allows users to make audio/video calls, conference calls, one-to-one, open group, and private group chats. It also allows users to record video calls.

How WorkHub Connect helps teams in collaboration? chevron_right

WorkHub Connect is an ultimate collaboration tool that helps team members to collaborate through screen sharing, pictures, videos and documents sharing. 

How secure is WorkHub Connect? chevron_right

WorkHub Connect is one of the most secure collaboration platforms. WorkHub follows regulatory security frameworks and industry standards to ensure data security and safe environment to its users.