Boost Team Engagement Using the Best Video Conferencing Technology

Video conferencing technology is a useful tool for bringing team members from various time zones together and facilitating distant communication. The disadvantage is that, as compared to a typical face-to-face environment, internet conference calls allow attendees to disengage more easily, whether they’re reading email, texting, or simply zoning out on the call.

Video conferencing technology comes in a variety of forms. These online conference platforms advances are immensely appealing to many end users and businesses as a vital mode of communication. They encourage live and visual communication between two or more people in different locations. The use of video conferencing technologies has altered the way we communicate. Among the new technologies are:

Video Conferencing on a Computer

Many businesses make advantage of this video conferencing technology. Desktop conferencing is designing to meet the industry’s video conferencing technological requirements. It allows you to share audio, video, and applications. Easy installation features, add-in boards, and hefty gear are all included with desktop video conferencing.

It is useful for many users and is known as the most economical conferencing solution. Those without access to a desktop computer can hold a video conference using a laptop. For many people, this technology is greatly favorable because of its adaptability.

Ways To Boosts Team Engagement Using the Best Video Conferencing Technology

Here are some of the best practices for boosting engagement on your next online video conferencing technology.  

1. Make Use of Video

While it may not be appropriate for all meetings, video conferencing has a number of advantages over other forms of communication in terms of participation. Participants in audio-only conferencing may feel “invisible” and hence adopt a passive role. On the other hand, video conferencing holds attendees accountable to one another and encourages active engagement.

Nonverbal indicators such as facial expressions and gestures also serve to improve communication and develop rapport, which is especially important while working remotely.

2. On An Internet Conference Call, Keep the Number of Participants to A Minimum

When there are fewer individuals on a conference call, there is less confusion and more chance for individual participants to contribute to the conversation. Your invitees should be limited to essential team members, and they should be able to update their colleagues on the meeting’s substance thereafter.

It’s unlikely that everyone will need to be present for the entire call. Make it clear to attendees that they are only expected to attend the parts of the meeting that are relevant to them, whether that means joining the call halfway through or leaving early.

3. Set Goals for Yourself and Stick to Them

set goals for yourself and stick to them

Send a copy of the agenda, as well as any resources they’ll need to examine to prepare for the call, to all invitees before the conference call. This will keep participants from becoming agitated during the most secure video conferencing or conference call.

So, on the day of the meeting, make every effort to be on schedule. Give participants the choice to leave at the allotted time if you expect the conversation to go past time. Therefore, attendees will feel more comfortable offering their time if they believe you value it.

4. Assign Participants to Roles using Video Conferencing Technology

People will have no time to daydream or multitask if they are kept busy. Best virtual conference platforms roles and duties keep conference call participants focused on the task at hand, resulting in a more effective conversation.

So, agenda planners, moderators, minute takers, and timekeepers are examples of roles. Appoint a tech support person to assist participants with any technical issues that may arise. You can also look into video conferencing and security best practices.

5. Small Chat Will Help You Warm Up

Firstly, if your callers aren’t already acquainted, a little small talk at the start of the call can help to establish the tone for a more open conversation for the rest of the call. You can also use meeting emoticons, funny images, or slides to inject humor into the presentation. So, this is an excellent approach to lighten the mood in advance of a talk.

6. Keep The Conversation on Track with Video Conferencing Technology

At the start of the meeting, provide a brief summary of the agenda and stick to it. To keep the debate on track, all facilitators should have a copy of the meeting agenda.

Therefore, if someone asks a question that threatens to derail the conversation, thank them, take note of it, and tell them you’ll be pleased to talk about it after the conference call.

7.  It’s time to break up the Monotony

If you talk at your audience for an hour, they will be bored out of their minds. Engage guests at regular checkpoints during the meeting, such as five-minute Q&A sessions or surveys, to keep them actively involved.

Keep in mind that 65 percent of the population is a visual learner. Use visuals like presentations, graphs, charts, whiteboards, screen sharing, and text to capture and hold attendees’ attention.


Businesses and people can profit from video conferencing technology in a variety of ways. These many forms of video conferencing technologies have paved the way for more productive meetings and a stronger sense of community among business associates. On a personal level, they’ve facilitated a face-to-face connection that allows participants to form new bonds with people who live far away or whom they’ve never met in person.

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