Best 9 Free Video Conferencing Services in 2021

Conference call companies have the technology to provide Video Conferencing Services to a massive population. With that technology, conference call providers supply businesses with hassle-free collaboration. In turn, companies will save cash on travel costs and can increase productivity. These companies are providing various solutions to businesses. Here are the nine best free internet conferencing software for 2021. 

1. Workhub Connect

Workhub Connect Video Conferencing Services

Workhub Connect is a fantastic tool for video conferencing software. This software is designed to maximize the collaboration of teams. Workhub connect is a single platform designed to meet all communication needs of an organization. This software offers instant connectivity. With the help of workhub connect, now team members are only a click away. 

Providing Best Features of Video Conferencing Services

Workhub is designed with the latest technology to provide advanced stability. With workhub Connect, corporate communication is delivered with incredible smoothness and connectivity. To provide a real-time experience, this software offers a fantastic feature of Team Wall. This wall consists of live head-shots of team members. These head-shots are taken at an interval to give team members a real-time experience.

This software can easily integrate with other applications like whats-app, Facebook messenger, Google My Business, etc. This integration enables team workers to communicate with outside stakeholders. This software can integrate into other software of Workhub. It can be combined with a Helpdesk ticketing system to perform communication with customers.Workhub is an excellent software to fulfill the communication needs of an organization.

2. Zoom

Zoom Video Conferencing Software

Zoom offers two solutions: free and paid. Zoom provides one-to-one meetings free for an unlimited duration. For group calls, you can add up to 100 members. The time duration should not be greater than 40 minutes.

Zoom united is a unique plan for business. This is zoom’s flagship plan. You can host up to 300 members in conference calls. This plan is full of features. The price of this plan is 350 dollars per month per license. 

During the pandemic of covid 19, zoom became very popular. Individuals and small businesses have used this software for video conferencing. This software is easy to use. Although this software has limited features, it is straightforward to use the software.

3. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting Online Meeting Software

Zoho Meeting claims itself as one of the most secured conference calling solutions. It offers an industry-standard conference calling facility. It provides screen sharing and records and shares meeting features for easy collaboration. Zoho can be used with other systems of employee management software. Zoho offers many collaboration tools for organizations. 

To manage any problem, its customer care department offers 24/7 online support. Zoho claims it as software to provide all customers need of web conferencing. The web conferencing features embrace keyboard and mouse sharing, recording and storage, infix meeting widget, lock meeting, application or desktop sharing, video conferencing, co-branding and native dial-in numbers.

4. TeamViewer

Team Viewer

It can contend with Cisco as so much as security goes. TeamViewer’s home page claims to possess 1.3 billion protected devices that are operational exploitation remote support and participate in online conferences. The platform places stress on support and solutions. TeamViewer options embrace the flexibility to run many small sessions at an equivalent time on raincoat operating systems at intervals browser tabs. 

There are different intelligent features, even supposing they’re behind a paywall, includes Remote Quick Steps. Remote Quick Steps adds single-click shortcuts for his or her remote support actions. Anyone who upgrades to the paid setup can notice that TeamViewer offers excellent support and IT use.

5. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting Online Meeting Software

It is one  of the best conferencing service available today. Even once exploitation the free plan, this platform provides the simplest ways to host conference calls. GoToMeeting also has screen-sharing capabilities. 

The one-click meeting resolution makes it straightforward for beginners to work out the software. Anyone who uses GoToMeeting can even begin conferences utilizing the app. conferences can also be initiated using Microsoft workplace programs, chat links, and email.

Anyone using GoToMeeting free option is proscribed to solely audio conferencing. Video conferencing is limited to paid plans. However, web audio conferencing comes with the choice for VoIP voice chat.

6. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex Video Conferencing Online Meetings

Hosted, owned, and developed by Cisco networking, Webex is high on several lists that rank the most effective web conference software. It’s one of the primary conference solutions; however, Cisco created a product that pretty effective. 

Like most different internet conferencing systems, there’s a free version of Webex. Webex is a perfect alternative for giant enterprises and tiny businesses that are involved with security. If there is something Cisco knows, it’s security. Spark has an insane level of encryption. It is vital to notice that the app’s paywall restricts webs best options.

7. Skype

Skype Communication tool for free calls and chat

Most individuals are familiar with Skype. Skype offers free internet conferencing that’s conjointly valuable using. The indisputable fact that} this feature isn’t widely known, Skype will enable screen sharing. What makes this feature even higher is that the fact that it’s free. 

Skype for business is possible. However, this feature has different applications, and It needs a Microsoft 365 (formerly workplace 365) subscription. So, Skype for business might not be a decent choice for smaller groups wanting to upgrade their service to a paid option. 

8. Apache OpenMeetings

Apache OpenMeetings

Open Meetings is one of the best-looking solutions for Video Conferencing services; however, it’s a free internet conferencing software. OpenMeetings solution has video conferencing, whiteboard capabilities, instant messaging, Associate cooperative document editing. 

It is possible to pick out solely a little of the screen. Collaboration is effortless. Individuals will create additional than one whiteboard, if necessary, to debate and edit files. Also, there’s a conversation feature designed for the whiteboard. Again, the UI isn’t great; however, the married woman is solid and has a drag and drop features.

9. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts Video Conferencing

Google has many solutions and apps, like Google Voice. Google has such a lot of apps that maintaining everything they provide is hard. Google Voice and stamping grounds have similar functions. However, Google stamping grounds are ready to try and do quiet place phone calls. Like alternative Google apps, Hangout can absolve to use. 

Google itself explicitly that it needs Hangouts to become the long run of the company’s telecommunication products. So, it’s not stunning that there would like several excellent features. It’s like WebEx and Skype therein users can get to have a Google account to use it. Also, users should add one another to speak or meet online. This truth makes Hangouts an ideal choice for smaller groups that need a robust and accessible platform.

Based on the features mentioned above of the best video conferencing services, we can conclude that Workhub connects the best video conferencing software. It is designed to meet the communication needs of the modern organization. for any details visit WorkHub.