Best 8 Staff Management Software in USA

Staff management software is a platform that securely stores and manages an employee’s work-related and personal information.

It’s not easy to manage a thriving business in this digital age. To manage human resources, in addition to other issues, maybe a burdensome undertaking. Tracking and overseeing the performance of each employee, particularly in large businesses, can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive operation.

This process can be simplified with the help of solid staff management software. For this purpose, below are some of the top remote workforce management software available in the USA.

Top 8 Staff Management Software alternatives in the USA

1- WorkHub

WorkHub is the most effective remote employee management software for companies of all sizes.

Working physically from the office is no longer an option, especially in these Covid-affected days. Therefore, its goal is to act as a remote operating system for businesses, allowing them to optimize their workflows and procedures.

Moreover, WorkHub is a comprehensive suite of tools for all business initiatives that are incredibly responsive and effective. It allows users to grasp the intricacies of various job procedures and optimize procedures to acquire control of them.

Its fully-equipped helpdesk ticketing system (Assist) and video conferencing services (Connect) are two of its primary advantages. These technologies assist users in meeting their most basic communication and collaboration requirements.

Other than that, the platform offers a solid employee engagement and recognition tool (BRAVO!) that can effectively boost your employee motivation levels.

To sum the qualities of WorkHub in a few bullets, these would be accurate:

  • All in One Solution
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Robust Privacy Protection
  • Stronger Client Relationships

2- Lattice

You can swiftly empower your organization with the help of this employee management system. This user-friendly tool assists you in determining each employee’s potential so that you may motivate them with a specific aim.

In addition, Swiftly can interface effortlessly with other workflow tools that you may already be using in your company. It compares employee performance and other characteristics by displaying numerous performance measures in easy-to-understand graphics.

Lattice claims to change your office’s culture and make it more professional with its convenient and resourceful features.

It’s a flexible solution that adapts quickly to the changing needs of your business. You may use this performance management software to assist your staff work together and perform at their best as individuals and as a team.

3- 15Five

15Five Software Elevates The Performance

15Five encourages employees to go above and beyond. It establishes a platform that allows you to improve the work experience and encourage organizational openness.

More so, the employee engagement mechanism of this software assists you in effectively coaching and guiding your staff. It creates transparency, which strengthens the relationship between the employees and your company.

Additionally, its transparency minimizes the complexity of each process, making delegation and decentralization easier. Also, the smart workflow system maintains track of each project and identifies both bottlenecks and high productivity.

4- Paycom

Integrating your human resource platform with performance management software has never been easier. Almost all of your HR needs may now be met through a single window, thanks to this integrated solution.

Paycom eliminates the need for various HR tools and streamlines the employee performance workflow through a single portal. Thus, such integration eliminates redundancy and paves the foundation for a future end-to-end automated HR procedure.

Apart from that, it also offers an integrated payroll system that may be used as a stand-alone SaaS payroll solution. You can stay in touch with your employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using this single app platform.

Moreover, it’s a one-stop solution for all of your HR needs. It establishes overall system cohesion with all other programs. Also, a single data entry in one portion of the software makes the information available in various formats and programs.

AssessTEAM is more than just another employee management system; it’s a comprehensive solution that fosters long-term partnerships between employees and employers.

5- AssessTeam

This staff management software aims to free you from the complexities of corporate life. It allows you to examine each employee’s performance in great detail. In addition to that, it enables you to compare an employee’s performance over time and within teams.

This information can be used by management to identify individuals who require training as well as those who have demonstrated leadership abilities.

Because the team’s performance is being evaluated, each member will strive to deliver their best, which will boost the company’s output. Nevertheless, with the help of this performance management software, team interactions improve substantially.

6- Zenefits

Zenefits Award Winning People Operations Platform

You can swiftly fulfill all of your HR goals with the help of this employee management system. You can efficiently manage your payroll system with this unified SaaS payroll software, and you can always stay connected with your employees, thanks to its cloud connectivity.

It is easier to keep track of their productivity and create specific targets for each individual and team. Also, Zenefits makes government compliance simple and assists your organization in meeting regulatory obligations.

Moreover, the program connects perfectly with all your workflows, and you can easily integrate it into your existing system. Now you can face the difficult chores of HR with a smile, thanks to this technology.

7- Workday

Workday Enterprise Management Cloud the Backbone of Digital Transformation

Workday provides employee management systems for medium and large enterprises, as well as tools to attract and develop team members, including head-count visualization, financial trend analysis, and support for rules like probation and notice periods.

Furthermore, Workday has a modern, sleek UI design and is incredibly user-friendly. The platform secures high scores in the usability and user experience (UX) categories in terms of comparative study with its alternatives.

Besides, the program does a fantastic job of ingesting equity data, particularly vesting that data. Also, the reporting tools provided by Workday beat its competition.

8- PeopleSoft By Oracle

Oracle PeopleSoft Applications

PeopleSoft is an Oracle-owned SaaS system that includes features like,

  • Time and labor tracking
  • Absence management
  • Benefits navigation
  • Compensation
  • HR HelpDesk
  • Payroll interface
  • Pension administration
  • Performance and recruiting
  • And a payroll interface

PeopleSoft is incredibly simple to learn and use, requiring very little training to get up and running. Even so, users with limited technological capabilities should have little trouble adapting. It resulted in their receiving a high score in the Usability component of the examination.

Further, editing and deleting comments are one of the fantastic features available on the platform. There may also be issues with frequent downtime and timing out, the latter of which can lead to the inability to get back in from the original browser.


To sum it all, when you use staff management software, you can better manage your human resources and assets. That is so because this software has numerous advantages, particularly for medium and big businesses. It’s also simple to integrate and administer them, reducing reliance on slow manual processes.

Moreover, if you are looking for software that could provide you the best employee management services, you should consider taking a start with WorkHub. Mainly because WorkHub is packed with all the features you may need in a medium to an advanced level employee management system.

Anyways, if you want to learn more about WorkHub, you can click here.