Best 6 Workforce Management Software in 2021

Organizations can use workforce management software to plan, manage, and track staff work, including labor requirements, employee schedules, and paid time off (PTO).

Workforce management platforms come with several features that help users get the most out of their employees. Creating and assigning employee schedules, tracking attendance, and reporting on workforce efficiency are all done with workforce management software.

Although most employee management software is implemented in HR departments, some standalone products may be utilized by firms not having a traditional HR department. 

Self-service tools are available in many workforce management platforms, allowing employees to check PTO balances and request days off without disrupting standard HR operations. 

Moreover, workforce management software can be used as a standalone solution or as part of an HR management suite. Third-party HR programs commonly interface with workforce management software – with core HR systems.

A product must meet the following criteria to be considered for the Workforce Management category:

  • Allows users to estimate labor demand and arrange for workforce contingencies
  • Assist administrators with scheduling, PTO, and leave requests
  • With workforce analytics capabilities, you may report on labor activities
  • Keep track of employee attendance and skillsets

Best Workforce Management Software

Well, there are thousands of workforce management software available in the markets today. But don’t worry, this article will save you the trouble. Here is a list of the six best employee management software that you can implement in your company.

1- WorkHub

WorkHub Powerful Employee Management Software

WorkHub is an all-in-one employee management software that includes all of the necessary employee management apps for companies of all sizes.

Its goal is to serve as an operating system for organizations, allowing them to improve their workflows and processes. 

More crucially, in these Covid-affected days, where working from home is the need of the hour. WorkHub appears to be the perfect remote workforce management software for most companies.

It’s an all-encompassing software package that includes apps for:

  • Attendance Management
  • Helpdesk Ticketing System
  • Video Conferencing Services
  • Employee Timeline
  • Calendar Scheduling

Service providers are just interested in selling you their services. A partner, on the other hand, genuinely cares about you and your company. A partner takes the time to learn about you and your requirements.

Likewise, WorkHub continuously builds on its competitors’ flaws and the critical internal demands of its customers and employees. Implementing WorkHub in your organization will provide you with the following benefits:

  • One-stop-shop for every employee management need
  • Affordability that also  reflects value for money
  • No worries about your company’s data privacy
  • Reliable support throughout your subscription

2- Paylocity


HR professionals can use Paylocity’s all-in-one software platform to manage payroll, benefits, talent, and workforce management activities with ease. 

To operate your organization more efficiently, Paylocity provides deep analytical insights on time, attendance, and productivity. It helps you empower your staff to manage day-to-day tasks such as filling timesheets, PTOs, and periodic targets.

Moreover, it removes human labor from time monitoring and scheduling, while lowering compliance risks and enhancing overall productivity.

3- Homebase


Homebase is a low-cost workforce management software that combines employee scheduling, time tracking, and hiring tools into a single platform.

At every point of the employment lifecycle, including onboarding, time tracking, and team communication. It assists in hiring teams, managers, and workers.

It also includes a schedule builder, time clocks, and job listings to assist you in better managing your staff and HR duties.

On one simple, easy-to-navigate dashboard, you receive a full view of all the important components of your management, such as employee information, planned events, shift notes, and more.

4- Paycom

Paycom Online Payroll Services hr Payroll Software

One System Paycom is the only employee management system that provides a complete HR solution in a single database.

As a result, the technology you use to hire new employees is the same technology you use to pay your employees, comply with regulations, train your staff, and so on. It’s all in one place — all of your personnel data – and that’s critical.

Furthermore, it assists companies in streamlining their hiring, firing, and retirement procedures, as well as everything in between. 

More so, its talent Acquisition, Time and Labor Management, Payroll, Talent Management, and HR Management systems all function from a single database, removing the need for duplicate data entry and various system integration.

5- Paychex Flex


Paychex Flex is an all-in-one HR solution that can expand or adapt to the size of your company. 

You can use it to administer payroll and combine your HR administration, retirement, and insurance management, all while getting the service you want and benefiting from our extensive knowledge of the rules that may influence your company. 

You’ll gain more accuracy and efficiency by bringing more HR processes to Paychex Flex. It can assist you in the following ways:

  • Streamline hiring and onboarding by providing important HR information in the form of bespoke compliance paperwork, compensation summaries, performance reports, business training, and more
  • Administer employee benefits, including compliance support
  • Track time and attendance data
  • Pay employees and file & pay your taxes 
  • Plan for retirement, including testing, real-time reports, participant enrollment, and management.

Moreover, Paychex Flex provides mobile apps for iPhone and Android-powered smartphones and tablets that allow you to view your Paychex information on the go. You’ll also get answers to your payroll and HR data management questions immediately when you need them with 24/7 US-based live assistance.

6- Skedulo

Skedulo - Deskless Productivity and Mobile Workforce Management

For the 80 percent of worldwide workers who don’t operate in a traditional office setting, Skedulo provides remote workforce management software. There are about 2.7 billion desk-less workers globally, ranging from workers in fixed location facilities to frontline mobile field workers. 

Skedulo’s Deskless Productivity Cloud has been utilized by DHL, Sunrun, the American Red Cross, and hundreds of other enterprises to book over 5 million appointments throughout the world. 

More so, the Skedulo Deskless Productivity Cloud assists organizations in greatly simplifying scheduling, gaining visibility and control over job scheduling and workforce utilization. 

Thus, providing employees with an intuitive app to help them better perform their day-to-day operations, providing actionable analytics on their workforce, and lowering operating costs.


So, which of the above workforce management software appears to be fit for your company? 

Well, to be fair, a platform with only a few apps in the deck cannot be called an employee management system. If you merely need HR-related solutions, the majority of the above-mentioned options are ideal. 

Nevertheless, you will still require additional platforms to meet the rest of the department’s requirements.

WorkHub, on the other hand, can prove to be your trusted answer if you can employ a solid solution with the help of appropriate integrations. 

That’s because WorkHub’s capabilities are not limited to any specific sector of the workforce management; it covers practically every aspect of an employee management system.

In the end, we suggest that you carefully consider each option and determine which one will work best for your company’s operations.

For detailed information and to get a personal quote to reach our website and one of our dedicated specialists who will be happy to help you.