AI-Generated Images of Astronauts on Moon-Themed Movie Set

In April, circulated images depicted a movie set featuring astronauts and individuals in suits alongside a lunar module, reigniting discussions around the conspiracy theory alleging the moon landings were staged.

One person posted these images on X, posing the question: “How much of the moon landing do you think was faked?”

Contrary to their appearance, these images are not genuine. Originally shared in 2023 on Midjourney’s official subreddit, they showcase content generated by artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, the images exhibit anomalies, typical of AI-generated content, such as blurred faces (highlighted in orange boxes) and missing limbs (highlighted in green boxes).

Synthetic media. The images depicting astronauts on a movie set are not authentic but rather generated by AI. They were shared on the official Midjourney subreddit in 2023.

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