A Guide to Choose the Best Video Conferencing Services for Small Business

Video conferencing services are helping to reshape communication in the most realistic way. Decades ago, people couldn’t communicate over a video call as it was expensive and was only limited to very few lucky ones. But nowadays, all that has changed, and due to technological advancement, video conferencing is available for one and all.

In this blog, you can get guidelines on how to choose a suitable video service for your business. 

The history of video conferencing traces back to 1970 when the inaugural video call was made between Pittsburgh Mayor Peter Flaherty and Chairman and CEO John Harper of Alcoa. The service officially came to existence the next day, July 1, 1970, with 38 picture phones located at eight Pittsburgh companies.

Following are some video conferencing stats that might catch your attention:

Up to 47% of video conference users have reduced their travel costs. 

(Globe Newswire)

Video conferencing improves communication for 99% of people.


Video meetings improve productivity by 50%.


It is easy to determine that video conferencing helps in more than one department with the above stats. Life has taken a turn for the better with such a blessing at hand. No distance is too far, and no job is impossible, thanks to live video conferencing that can do multiple tasks.

What is a Meeting Application?

A meeting Application may be a mobile event app that accommodates all information within the size of a smartphone and makes event management simpler. It’s a ready-to-use app that matches meetings of any type and size. Because of the painless setup and effortless usage, this app reduces organizers’ stress and enhances participants’ experience. Additionally, app admins are given instant feedback tools and thus may suit their audience’s present needs. Being equipped with this app, event hosts also can communicate directly with their audience. All participants are ready to communicate with one another by the utilization of a built-in messaging system and theme chat channels. It’s an excellent opportunity to form more personal events and build a robust community of dedicated professionals that might happily engage with one another and join the upcoming events.

WorkHub Connect is one of the Best Video Conferencing Platform

Workhub Connect Video Conferencing Services

WorkHub Connect opens a world to seamless video conferencing services that can help both big and small organizations to conduct meeting with board members all across the globe hence making progress and productivity. It helps to connect a number of participants, making it easy to convey a message. WorkHub Connect provides High definition audio and video conferencing, which makes it easy for organizations to choose who to go for when it comes to selecting a daily audio-video conferencing platform.

Many to Choose From Video Conferencing Services

Many to Choose From Video Conferencing Platforms

The world of video conferencing platforms is massive. Every day new players enter the market with an innovative idea that makes headlines. The world has been through a pretty severe Pandemic over the last couple of years. This was the best time to introduce the idea of video conferencing as people were in Quarantine. Nowadays there are many platforms available some honorable mentions are :

Video conferencing has made life easy and continues to do so, gradually, we will have more competitors who will have something new that will take people’s attention for sure.


Choosing software is a personal choice. Having said that, an organization should have detailed research and study before choosing a permanent solution. Life is easy when you can have a detailed discussion about your future plans with board members sitting anywhere in the world

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