6 Most Secure Video Conferencing Platforms in 2021

Secure video conferencing is becoming the need of the hour. Most of the livelihoods and businesses are opting for work from home. Coronavirus has given a boom to the online video conferencing industry. Big players like WorkHub Connect, Zoom, Skype, and others became beneficial for the organizations working in remote environments. 

Enterprise video conferencing involves big companies who want the best video conferencing services to run their business smoothly. 

These companies worry a lot about what employees have to say regarding working remotely. Most of the Workforce wants to stay at home and work. They want to avoid traveling costs and, most importantly, the ongoing pandemic as well. 

Many platforms provide different characteristics that may or may not be according to the client’s specifications.

Essential Features of Secure Video Conferencing Platforms

Essential Features of Secure Video Conferencing Platforms

Screen Sharing:

Screen sharing is important to facilitate interactive conferences and webinars. Thus, explore for software that enables you to share your entire screen or a particular application on the desktop. It helps participants to follow the presentation smoothly.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – With VoIP, users can easily connect with the meeting through phone or chat since it ensures seamless video conferencing. You’ll be able to also switch instantly from voice to video calls or a bunch conference by clicking on a button. You don’t need to make a replacement connection or pause your video conference to feature users or change channels.

Chat Features:

The chat feature comes in handy if you would like to interact with other users without interrupting the video or speaker. You’ll use the chat feature to boost the efficiency of your meetings, webinars, and conferences. Thus, choose a tool that gives the flexibility to speak through text and emoji’s during a live session. Modern video conferencing systems and tools also allow you to share files and links via chat.

Unlimited Recording:

Most video conferencing software offer video of meetings. However, it might be great to possess a limitless recording feature and cloud storage. It’ll facilitate your archive all of your sessions in an exceedingly secure environment. Moreover, ensure that the software allows you to share the recording easily.

HD Video – HD video can enhance the experience of your virtual meeting. A high-quality video will enable users to determine the speakers clearly and feel a greater connection. However, to make sure smooth virtual meetings with HD video quality, make sure that all the users have high-speed internet for appropriate bandwidth.

Branding Features:

For webinars or eLearning purposes where you would like to interact along with your customers, it’s better to travel with a video conferencing tool that gives branding capabilities. Search for software that permits you to feature a logo, custom font, and color theme to the computer program.

Dynamic Presentation Features:

These features will give you a chance to upload and share multiple file types like PPTs, MP4 videos, PDFs, etc. you’ll be able to use this feature to conduct media-rich presentations to garner more attention. Also, rummage around for note-sharing features to send a selected part of the presentation to participants in real-time.

Analytics – Detailed reports will facilitate your evaluate your presentation’s performance in terms of viewers and engagement.

Here are 6 Most Secure Video Conferencing Platforms:

1. WorkHub Connect

WorkHub Connect Video Conferencing Services

WorkHub Connect has been there and thereabouts for a long time, trying and striving for excellence in presenting the clients with the best video conferencing software. As a result, WorkHub Connect may be a video conferencing solution and web conferencing software that allows you to connect with up to twenty 000 participants simultaneously. You’ll conduct large virtual events together with your own custom brandings like colors, logs, and other user-facing elements.

You can also allow other users to log in to WorkHub with separate credentials to avoid any confusion. It also enables you to make highly customized invitations to depart an even bigger impact on your customers or clients. And just in case your audience joins in early to the meeting, they will wait within the room and bear the agenda of the meeting.

Key Features:

Seamlessly browse on social media – It allows you to go through your feed simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube to expand your reach.

Presentation Tool:

Blend the content of the presentation together with your voice for more impact. Polls and Surveys – Gather opinions, feedback, and insights from the audience to create data-driven decisions.

You can also talk in-camera with other presenters during the meeting. Drag and drop files to store within the cloud. You’ll also import and export files from your Dropbox account. You can also moderate questions and answers. You can translate chat in real-time in 52 languages.

Whiteboard offers drawing tools, shapes, text boxes, erasers, and more. Urge your audience to require action by adding CTA buttons in your conference videos. Moreover, you can use it on 30-day free trial.

2. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex Video Conferencing Online Meetings

Business has seen considerable renovation since the last time we tested it, particularly on easy use. But it also remains one in all the dearer video conferencing solutions we tested. Pricing aside, however, the combination of enterprise integration and security with a newly simplified front-end is also a pleasant match.

Cisco also intends to expand its offering, with spokespersons showing us the Webex Assistant, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered meeting assistant that can ensure administrative tasks, like meeting transcription. However, while we saw that computer program in action during a demo, we couldn’t perform an exclusive evaluation as Cisco says the Webex Assistant will only be available later in 2021 with pricing information to be announced then, too.

However, Webex remains an awfully full-featured platform with integration and security measures aimed squarely at mid-sized to large businesses and enterprises even without the Assistant. While it’s dearer than the variety of its competition, the new interface’s simplicity and back-end muscle are enough to allow Webex to retain its Editors’ Choice designation, along with competitors, Intermedia AnyMeeting and Zoom Meetings.

3. Zoom

Zoom Video Conferencing Software

An enormous number of people stay far away from each other because the planet tries to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. During this era, Zoom Meetings (with zero cost, with paid plans starting at $14.99 per month per host) has taken hold and become a top choice among video conferencing apps both for business and personal use. For people acting from home, Zoom is now practically synonymous with having a gathering. Of course, the app works for various sorts of get-togethers, too, from virtual funerals to happy hours. The more people use Zoom, however, the more it comes under the microscope.

During the first quarter of 2020, most of the population criticized Zoom on several fronts, which we’ll elaborate on momentarily. We believe users shouldn’t only bear in mind the criticisms and inform the facts before deciding whether to use Zoom. That said, in terms of features, stability, and reliability, Zoom remains one altogether the foremost effective video calling apps you’ll find. There are many alternatives should Zoom not meet your standards. We’ve listed a variety of them below with links to in-depth reviews where available. 

If you utilize Zoom, we recommend taking a moment to induce awareness of the tool’s key features. While Zoom is a makers Choice, we’ve bumped the score down by a half-point in light of recent events. However, Zoom remains a fan favorite app for its steadiness, particularly for business meetings and personal get-togethers. For state and healthcare use, be sure to look closely at Zoom’s offerings as those sectors tend to possess more stringent security and privacy requirements. All this is done and a secure video conferencing is assured.

4. Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet is also a component of the Google Workspace suite (formerly Google G Suite). However, this video conferencing app is perfectly capable of making a name for itself. Your best experience, however, is visiting be using it as a component of Workspace where the mid-level subscription tier provides support for 150 meeting participants and an infinite number of meetings at a maximum of 24 hours per meeting, which might be a decent array of capabilities for a typical small to midsized business (SMB).

There don’t seem to be any cumbersome apps to download, other than the Google Chrome browser, which is optional, so it works across all operating systems. It is also got an honest stack of collaboration features, so it’s exceptionally closely behind our current web conferencing Editors’ Choice winners, Cisco Webex for larger businesses and Intermediate Any Meeting and Zoom Meetings for smaller organizations.

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

The business informing application from Microsoft helps us a ton to remember IKEA’s self-administration area. It’s an insider’s space. If you work there and realize how the framework is masterminded, similar to how the paths and receptacles are numbered, you likely explore it effortlessly. In case you’re a client descending from the display area, in any case, it could require a significant period to track down the correct passageway, receptacle, and rack where you’ll at long last track down an uninspiring box that ideally contains what you need.

Everything is in its place, insofar as you probably are aware of how to discover it. The equivalent goes for Teams, an integral asset for keeping in contact whenever you’ve gotten comfortable with it. Groups and other distant work cooperation instruments are particularly essential since numerous individuals are telecommuting and interfacing with partners distantly. 

Regardless of whether its design concurs with you may establish the vibe for your relationship with Teams. On the off chance that it clicks, you’ll love this visit application for all the other things it has to bring to the table, from its not insignificant rundown of combination choices to its capacity to work consistently with almost some other Microsoft 365 application. Microsoft has accomplished huge work equipping groups with video conferencing and voice over IP (VoIP) communication highlights for added fascination. However, teams are a top cooperation decision ordinarily just for bunches previously utilizing Microsoft items given its latent capacity. That equivalent tight incorporation that makes it alluring to Microsoft clients additionally implies it’s not for everybody, outstandingly shops that aren’t Microsoft-driven. Likewise, similar to many Microsoft items that are exceptionally modified before carrying out to a whole association, how well it works relies a ton upon your remarkable particulars and how well you can address them inside the application.

6. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting Online Meeting Software

Zoho Meeting and its secure video conferencing begins at $2.50 per month at its basic level, a well-disposed cost for desperate independent companies. It’s properly assembled Conference 10 since this level is restricted to 10 meeting participants. Then, over three different levels, typically assembled Conference 25, Meeting-50, and Meeting-100, each number alluding to that level’s most extreme number of meeting members.

Evaluating for 25 members is $5 per have each month, while 50 members cost $7.50 per have each month. Last, 100 will run you $10 per have each month. However, the naming probably won’t be attractive; however, contrasted with the remainder of our video conferencing competitors, the costs ought to be. They’re particularly appealing when thought about straightforwardly against the more costly contenders, quite Log Mein GoToMeeting and our large business Editors’ Choice victor, Cisco Webex Business. 

On the off chance that you need participant checks past 100, Zoho characterizes these as online courses. At the same time, these utilize the equivalent conferencing innovation, Zoho has a different item for them, called Zoho Webinar. It also operates a similar naming plan for evaluating levels as Zoho Meeting, comprising Webinar-25, Webinar-50, Webinar-100, and Webinar-250, each separately valued at $15, $23, $31, and $63. Those numbers allude to being charged per have each month, and all should be charged yearly. Once more, these are appealing value focuses. However, the supreme furthest reaches of 250 on online class participants may confine Zoho Webinar’s utility with regards to more prominent advertising online classes, virtual occasions, or just municipal center style meetings for even average-sized associations. 

Clients searching for introduced customers will discover variants for Apple macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. In addition, versatile clients can download devoted applications for both Apple iOS and Google Android. Finally, on the off chance that nothing else can take care of business, a web customer works best from Google Chrome. However, this was one of only a handful few web video conferencing applications we investigated that was straight contrary with Internet Explorer.

Features to Look for in a Secure Video Conferencing and Cloud HD Meeting

Features to Look for in a Secure Video Conferencing and Cloud HD Meeting

Different video conferencing options include their own set of unique selling points (USPs). However, there are some standard features that you just should search for before making your final selection.

For example, a tool like Adobe Connect has a sophisticated suite of features, including a whole eLearning and online course solution. Alternatively, a tool like Skype is less complicated to use if you’re just looking to talk with members of the family. It just depends on what you wish.

Bottom Line:

Secure video conferencing and the uses that it brings define the new technological advancements. No one would have thought 15 years ago that such a phenomenon is possible, kudos to the developers of this awesome program and a proud moment in gaining this fantastic feat.

To get the best services and start a world of video conferencing visit WorkHub today.