5 Ways to Choose the Best Virtual Conference Platform

Using the best virtual conferencing platform or technologies, businesses can host large-scale conferences and expos entirely online.

Since the beginning of 2020, the virtual conferencing sector has seen a significant increase.

Virtual event software was downloaded 62 million times in March 2020 alone. By 2027, the virtual conferencing industry in the United States is expected to reach $10.92 billion.

Some of the users selected and reviewed the finest virtual conference systems in this guide based on attendee experience, features, convenience of use, pricing, and support, among other factors.

One of the most interesting tools in the communication landscape is video conferencing. It’s the only way to keep all of the distinct aspects of face-to-face conversation without traveling. Furthermore, 94% of businesses agree that adopting video conferencing improves productivity.

A video, when used effectively, can provide context to a gathering, and boost business culture. There are numerous options to choose from, including dedicated video systems and all-in-one settings.

What Are the Ways to Choose the Best Virtual Conference Platform?

Here are some best virtual conference platform;

1. Choose an All-In-One Platform

Choose an All-In-One Platform

When preparing a virtual conference, the first thing you should do is go from one digital application to another to complete distinct responsibilities. Imagine video conferencing technology having to set up your implementing effective strategies with one tool, then design the registration process with another tool, and then develop the virtual environment using yet another tool.

It’s perplexing and time-consuming! By focusing all of your efforts in one place, you’ll save a lot of time and effort learning new tools and setting up virtual meetings.

2. Look for Integrations with Other Tools You May Use

Look for Integrations with Other Tools You May Use

When it comes to implementing a product into your workflow, integrations are significant. A decent virtual conferencing platform should always work with the majority of the tools you already have. These integrations will allow you to keep your current process while also providing you with a complete infrastructure for planning and executing memorable events for your virtual attendees.

3. Make Sure the Platform Provides a Branding Option

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to use a platform that you can’t customize to your business. When it comes to a virtual events tool, it’s much more aggravating.

After all, you’re using virtual conferencing to raise brand recognition, so you’ll need a platform that you can customize in terms of color, elements, and fonts to match your logo. A good virtual conferencing software will always provide you the choice to brand it.

4. Pay Attention to The Platform’s User Experience

Pay Attention to The Platform's User Experience

These individuals are not only virtual attendees, but also users. They’re having a user experience the instant they login to your virtual conferencing platform, which means they’ll feel specific emotions about both your conference material and the event platform you’re employing.

With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure the platform you select is simple to use and navigate so that your mobile video conferencing attendees have a good time. Concentrate on determining how simple and intuitive the platform will be for your virtual participants.

5. Go For a Platform That Provides You with Additional Insights About Your Online Guests

Go For a Platform That Provides You with Additional Insights About Your Online Guests

How many people are you expecting to attend your event? How many virtual attendees dropped out of a certain online conference platforms?

You won’t be able to evaluate the ROI of your virtual event and improve it next time until you know the answers to these questions. So, while shopping for a virtual event platform, be sure to consider the additional insights you’ll gain about your online guests’ activity. Because this information is critical for future events, the ideal event technology platform should assist you in collecting and analyzing it.


What to look for when selecting the finest virtual conferencing platform, you’ll need a powerful video conferencing platform for your hybrid or virtual conferencing if you’re planning an online meeting. You may also wish to communicate with the public and network virtually, depending on your goals. You’ll find the best virtual conferencing option for your conference on WorkHub Connect.

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