5 Key features of a Good Employee Management System

An employee management system can streamline and automate a company’s human resources tasks. 

It, thus, eliminates the need to manually and tediously go through the employee management process, which helps save a lot of time and energy.

Not only that, but 94% of hiring professionals report that using a system (EMS) has improved their hiring process.

So, this is just one of the many reasons why investment in an EMS is critical for keeping up with the dynamically changing organizational trends and also for hiring the best talent.

Companies can use these systems to recruit and train employees in the most efficient manner since it replaces the traditional, hectic way of employee hiring with a rather fast, automated procedure.

Besides that, these systems may also help boost the productivity of the employees.

Last but not least, an employee management system may also help in collecting a wide range of employee data, such as personal information and salaries, with ease.

Since an EMS can provide considerable help for any company, choosing the right one becomes important. We, therefore, bring you the five key features that a good management system for employees should include. Give it a read below:

Employee Management System: 5 Key Features

Key features that an effective system should include:

  • Time and attendance management
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Absence and leave management
  • Employee database management
  • Online backup facility

Feature 1 – Time and Attendance Management

Feature 1 - Time and Attendance Management:

Manually keeping track of employee attendance can be time-consuming and repetitive. However, an EMS can help you greatly in this regard:

Most often than not, inaccurate payroll results from incorrect attendance, thus costing companies and employees significant losses. 

But an accurate payroll helps avoid this blunder by leveraging the time and attendance management of an EMS.

In addition, employee timesheets of employees make time tracking more convenient,  which makes it easier to send the information directly to the payroll system.

Employees can also access their schedules, view their vacation hours, and submit time-off requests through multiple software programs (that are integrated) in the employee management system.

Consequently, this reduces the number of instances in which your managers and human resources staff have to deal with check-in/ check-out time and attendance issues.

By adapting to your way of working and responding to your needs, an EMS helps you save a considerable amount of money on administrative costs.

Manufacturers, transportation companies, retailers, construction companies, health-care facilities (nursing homes and hospitals), hotels, service centers, and small businesses, to name a few, can benefit from such an employee system.

Feature 2 – Mobile Workforce Management

Feature 2 – Mobile Workforce Management

Smartphones are everywhere.

So, a management system for employees comes with an ability that allows you to better monitor your employees working remotely. And this understandably helps increase the productivity and efficiency of your workforce. 

EMS makes it possible by enabling supervisors and employees to complete a wide range of administrative and work-related tasks respectively from any location and device at any time.

Employees can, thus, check in and out of specific jobs from remote work sites, request holiday leaves and access their work information in real-time by using mobile devices and tablets.

Feature 3 – Absence and Leave Management

Feature 3 – Absence and Leave Management

The absence and leave management features of the employee management system can assist an organization in several ways:

Employees can plan their time off more effectively if they have easy access to leave information. Furthermore, staff and employees can both access all of the information they require about absence and leave policies.

Not just that, but requests for breaks or time off can also be submitted using employee management software. These requests can also be classified as vacation days, family emergency leave, and others. 

Importantly, the HR department is also notified of any such requests automatically, which they can approve or reject on the spot.

Feature 4 – Employee Database Management

Feature 4 – Employee Database Management

To manage employees efficiently, many companies are dependable on data that is valid and accurate.

An employee database digitally contains all the important information such as name, address, emergency contact information, job title, hire date, salary, and birthdate.

It also makes it easier to store and use information when required.

Some systems have the capability of tracking more detailed information. For instance, benefits information or time-off details as well.

Employee databases can also be used to store area-specific information. This information is mostly about the skills, certifications, or even favorite foods of an employee.

Importantly, as storing and protecting employee information is done digitally, it reduces all the hassle associated with traditional paperwork.

Nevertheless, to keep employee information safe, it is important to look for employee management software that includes specific security measures such as data encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Feature 5 – Online Backup Facility

Feature 5 - Online Backup Facility

One minor error can result in the loss of valuable information. Besides, data storage and safety have become crucial over the years.

To overcome the just-mentioned challenges, employee management software syncs all your data in the cloud. 

As a result, your data is ensured to be safe an

Conclusion – A User-Friendly Employee Management System

Management systems that are efficient and intelligent with a quick response time are the need of the hour. 

An EMS system helps you save considerable time and resources in multiple ways. So, using such a system is more than recommended.

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