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WorkBot – your AI Command Center!

WorkBot allows you to connect multiple databases, files, and urls in one place, train team and make them accessible to your team via “a single window of truth”. No more knowledge silos, no more searching through multiple databases – all done while maintaining privacy and access controls.

Connect documents with WorkBot
Connect your database with WorkBot

Connect your PDFs, Excel, Docs, Text, HTMLs, ANY Database

Connect all your different data sources no matter what they are – from single files to CRMs to emails to helpdesk systems to HR systems to databases to tools like Confluence, Jira, etc. – anything where you have data, you can connect to WorkBot. WorkBot maintains privacy and trains the system so your team can ask questions to this Conversational AI platform. Host everything locally, on your private cloud or our cloud – Your privacy & data security is our top priority!

Limitless Privacy Focused Knowledge Access via WorkBot or API

Discover the full potential of your data with WorkBot, a Conversational AI platform that knows no bounds. Effortlessly work with your internal data through WorkBot and explore open data using ChatGPT-4, all within a single AI platform, all while maintaining privacy. WorkBot also offers APIs to extend your system and to connect Microsoft Teams, Slack, or any other tool in your toolbox to enhance collaboration and well-informed decision-making.

Automate tasks with WorkBot

Enable Automation with WorkBot Agents

How about this request to WorkBot: “Book an appointment with Amy, Jack and Amanda on the first availability slot next week for 30 minutes” for your WorkBot Agent to automatically book an appointment with everyone automatically! Use one of our prebuilt agents or create your own to interface with thousands of APIs to turbo-charge your automations.

AI Chatbot for Conversations Like Trained Human Agents

WorkBot AI chatbot is a cutting-edge tool leveraging NLP, NLU, and Machine Learning. It uses internal data and advanced algorithms to provide highly relevant and accurate conversations. WorkBot AI chatbot ensures top-tier security and privacy with its innovative Data Access Control. It integrates seamlessly with multiple platforms, including messaging apps, websites, social media, etc.

AI Chatbot for every website

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